A Valentine’s Day Countdown – FREE Printable!

I loooooove counting down to something!

Our Happy Home has like 18 Advent Calendars that we use at Christmas time.

But for Valentine’s Day… we’ve got nothing.

This year I decided to do something about that so that the boys and I could look forward to February 14th and celebrate God’s Word at the same time.

Today you can download 14 days worth of FREE Printable Bible Verse Cards that have to do with the topic of love (see bottom of post for download).

Here is an idea of how to use these awesome cards…

 Cut out 14 hearts from pink and red construction paper.

Number the hearts from 1 to 14.

Glue a FREE Printable Bible verse card to the back of each heart.

Have your Happy Buddy decorate the hearts with crayons, markers, stickers (treasure from the Target Dollar Bins!), etc.

You have the option to laminate the hearts for extra durability.

Finally, tape the hearts in numerical order on our fridge.

Each day you can turn one of the hearts over to reveal a Bible verse about God’s love.

There are lots of different ways you could use these Bible verse cards.

  • You could slip them into small, numbered envelopes and string them up like a little banner.  Your Happy Buddies will love opening an envelope each day.
  • You could cut out a big posterboard red heart and simply stick a Bible verse card inside the heart each day leading up to the 14th.
  • You could fold them up and stick them in a jar (you can call it The LOVE Jar) and read one each night around the dinner table.
  • OR… Deliver a Bible verse card to your neighbor every morning starting February 1st.  Include a small treat if you’d like!

However you use them, I pray God will bless you as you and your Happy Home dwell on how great His love is. :-)

Before I give you the link to the FREE Printable, I have one small favor to ask…

I thought – if each of my subscribers/followers/Facebook and Twitter friends (I love you all dearly!) would take a minute and share this post with the people in their world, then Happy Homes everywhere would get a chance to hear about God’s love this Valentine’s Day.

You can find the SHARING buttons at the bottom of this post to share by email, Facebook, Twitter, or you can even PIN these babies to Pinterest!

After all, one of the Bible verse cards reads, “Dear children, let us not love with words and speech, but with action and in truth!” 1 John 3:18

Thank you so much, my friends!

Now for a sneak peak at the FREE Printable…And now for the download (there are 2 pages!)…

Click HERE for your FREE Printable Valentine’s Day Countdown Bible Verse Cards!

Happy Valentine’s Day Countdown Love Bible Verse-ing! :-)

51 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Countdown – FREE Printable!

  1. I am looking forward to using this for the next two weeks, I am going to figure out where it is going to go in my house, but it is going to be used, once again what an awesome idea!!!

  2. LOVE this idea. When I saw you were doing a free Valentine printable yesterday, I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning. I love this idea. I love the idea of doing them in a jar on folded hearts. (I have lots of mason jars sitting around in our cubbords). I am going to tie a pink/red ribbon around the jar and then use it also as a valentine decoration for our kitchen table and do one each day @ breakfast or dinner. Thanks for all your hard and creative work :)

  3. These are GREAT! Fun, colorful and a beautiful collection of verses that truly tell the story of God’s love! Thank you so much!

    DD10 and I are going to use them to make Valentines for co-op classes!

    I also love your ideas for countdowns and those in the comments!

  4. Thank you for all the thought, time, and love that went into creating and sharing this! Before printing, I shared it on my Facebook page. I’ll also add it to my Pinterest for others.

  5. I check-in with your blog every day but I don’t think I have actually left many comments. I wanted to THANK YOU for all of the creative, neat, and fun activities you share on Happy Home Fairy. I have pinned many of them to Pinterest. You are a blessing! :-)

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  8. Wow! Love this idea. I am part of a prayer team for our teenagers small Christian high school. Every week we pray and leave an encouragement (scripture, note, or candy) on student’s lockers to remind them that they have been prayed for. Your cards are perfect! Thank you! The seeds of love – and God’s Word – you have “colored their life beautifully!”

  9. I love these cards! Thank you so much for your hard work! Not only am I going to use these with my own children, I am also going to make a set for my 5 yr old Sunday School class. I think we’ll do a “verse” hunt the Sunday before Valentine’s Day. Thanks again!

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  12. Thank you for these – and the winter ones too! Our church has a children’s puppet team and we’re expanding our focus to other missions as well. I plan to use this tonight as a mission challenge for them in February.

    • Wanted to let you know that these will be blessing about families at the Ronald McDonald House next week! The middle school girls in our church are putting some goodies together to take over there and these will be included. Thanks so much for your generosity!!!!

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  19. This is incredible, and I can’t wait to use it! Thank you for letting me share it to Facebook, I have many friends who will find it useful.

  20. Love these Bible verse Valentines. We are going to use them when we deliver goodies to our older people in church! So excited!!!

  21. Thank you for the work you put into this post – I just came across it so it is too late for this year but I can get it ready for next – this year I think I will use the printable as valentines for my little one to pass out at Sunday school – Again thank you so much

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  26. Hi Julie, I am regular follower of yours!!! I adore all of your sweet ideas! Unfortunately for these little cards I am having a hard time getting them to print…I’ve never had any trouble in the past with other things just this one set of cards. I am sure its my end and probably “not-so” techy mind,
    but thought I would just ask if there was something different about this set of cards. Thanks,
    Mandy Foreman

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