Snowman Crafts!!!!


Although a little flaky, snowmen are the coolest best friends you could ask for!

After all, they are well rounded, and come with their own broom. :-)

Here’s a round-up of Snowman Crafts that will melt your heart!

Click Image for Idea

Surprise your Happy Buddies this month with a Snowman Decorated Juice Box like one of these from Random Thoughts of a Supermom.

What a fun think to find nestled in their lunch bag right alongside their PB&J!

Plus, they are a cinch to make. :-)

Click Image for Idea

Speaking of lunch bags…

Busy Bees transformed a simple white lunch bag into an adorable snowman!

Click Image for Idea

Some construction paper, glue and cottonballs will keep your Happy Buddy busy as they put together this sweet Cottonball Snowman from Simple As That.

Click Image for Idea

You know I love anything that involves re-purposing toilet paper rolls!

Construction paper decorations are all you need to make these easy peasy Snowman Toilet Roll Friends from Squidoo.

Click Image for Idea

Grab your popsicle sticks and some paint and make a whole Popsicle Stick Snowman Family!

What a fun, personalized gift to bring your Happy Buddy’s teacher this month.

Army Wife Quilter has the directions HERE.

Click Image for Idea

This is a super clever Snowman Wintery Scene that was featured at From Dates to Diapers.

Your Happy Buddies will love using an old toothbrush and some white paint to create the snowy background!

Click Image for Idea

Whip up a batch of Happy Home Fairy’s yummy Snow Crunch and stick it in a decorated Snowman Baby Food Jar from All Kids Network.

Click Image for Idea

Babbling Abby set her Happy Buddies up with an equal mixture of Elmer’s Glue and Shaving Cream to create these Super Fluff Snowmen.

The cool thing is that the project will dry puffy!

Click Image for Idea

Hummingbirded also has a neat idea for painting a Snowman scene…

Paint a sheet of small bubble wrap with white paint.  Lay it on top of a piece of blue paper and press lightly.

When the paint is dry, add a snowman cut from another piece of paper.

What a neat medium and cool Winter effect!

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, you can magically turn a white trash bag into a Trash Bag Snowman courtesy of Busy Bee Kids Crafts!

Wouldn’t that be a fun thing to have in the entryway to your Happy Home as a special Winter greeting for any visitors??

Wasn’t that snow fabulous?!

Now, off you go in a flurry to make one!

Happy Snowman Craft-ing! :-)

6 thoughts on “Snowman Crafts!!!!

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  2. We did the bubble wrap snowman craft this week… it turned out too cute! My son LOVED painting the bubble wrap! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

  3. So creative! I’m a relatively new mom of daughters 15-mth old and 3 weeks old, and I’m preparing to start homeschooling in the Spring. I cant wait to use activities like these with my girls when they’re ready. =) I’d love some advice and encouragement as I start my journey if you want to hop on over to my world:

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