You Know Dasher and Dancer and…

Can you name the nine reindeer? :-)

If you need some time to think it over, maybe this post will help stir your memory!

Click Image for Instructions

How cute are these felt Reindeer Napkin Rings from The Crafting Chicks?

What a happy decoration for your Christmas breakfast table!

Click Image for Instructions

Speaking of breakfast…

These darling Rudolph Pancakes came from the creative cook at Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.

Click Image for Instructions

Add these Reindeer Donuts and you’ve got yourself a most magical morning feast!

Click Image for Instructions

And lunch time means Reindeer Sandwiches!

Click Image for Instructions

A little something for packaging that reindeer sandwich…

Send your Happy Buddies to school this season with a super special Reindeer Lunch Bag like this one from Lisa Storms.

Click Image for Instructions

One of my favorite things about Christmas is receiving Christmas cards!

Meet the Dubiens created a clever Reindeer Christmas Card using her Happy Home’s thumbprints.

Click Image for Instructions

Or maybe instead of thumbprints, go for some Footprint Reindeer like the one above from Life in Motion Photography.

Click Image for Instructions

These adorable little reindeer from Kerry’s Craft Blog are cleverly surrounding mini chocolate bars.

What a cute presentation!

I’ll bet your mailman would love to find one hiding in your mailbox when he does his rounds. :-)

Click Image for Instructions

I LOVE these Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones from Little Wonders’ Days.Reindeer Candy Canes (just add googly eyes, pipe cleaner, and red pom-pom) are a traditional Christmas treat!

Click Image for Instructions

Does your Happy Hubby have a favorite beverage?

Wouldn’t he be thrilled to find that you transformed them into reindeer?

Life of a Modern Mom has the simple instructions.

Click Image for Printable

Do you remember my Don’t Eat Tom Turkey game for Thanksgiving???

Well, here is a FREE Printable Christmas-y Reindeer version of it from Prepared NOT Scared.

What a fun thing to play around the dinner table with your Happy Buddies!

Do you recognize this little reindeer? :-)

I turned the Happy Buddy into one of Santa’s sleigh carriers by taking his brown painted handprints, cutting them out, and attaching them to a photo of his face.  Then I added a red pom-pom nose with double-stick tape.

If this wasn’t enough Reindeer Games for you, I did a fun Reindeer Post last year that also included a FREE Printable Magic Reindeer Food tag.

Not sure what Magic Reindeer Food is?

Click HERE to find out!  Your Happy Buddies are going to LOVE this special tradition on Christmas Eve.

Oh, and for the record…

Click Image for Photo Credit

Merry Reindeer Craft-ing! :-)

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