A Fingerprint Nativity

I find some of the greatest ideas while cruising the halls of the Happy Buddy’s preschool!

When I saw this project from one of the 3 year old classes, there was like this light from heaven shining on its brilliance.

Plus, the Happy Buddy is all about painting with various parts of his body right now, so I knew it would be a winner with him as well.

It’s a Baby Jesus in the manger/stable scene entirely made out of FINGERPRINTS!

I wish I could tell you that I had a cute tutorial to share of how we made it, but I think you can probably get the gist just by seeing the picture.

All you need is some paint, a piece of paper, a cute little Happy Buddy’s finger, and (if your Happy Buddy is itty-bitty) an adult with a guiding hand.

Oh, and like 1,000 wipes to clean him up because he is fast and after you finish working with one color he suddenly escapes and is running around the house and you’re freaking out that there could possibly be brown fingerprints all over your couch and walls. :-)

I like that we made a piece of art with the very fingers that the Subject of our art created.

I think I might frame this beauty!

Merry Fingerprint Nativity-ing! :-)

7 thoughts on “A Fingerprint Nativity

  1. Stopping by from Made By You Monday!

    I love this! I have a 3 and a 5 year old and they are all about crafting and painting right now! I’m not sure how well they’ll follow instructions for this, though! LOL

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