Christmas Vitamins – FREE Printable!

You are going to think this idea is HILARIOUS!

Every day in December, have your Happy Home take their Christmas Vitamins!

Fill a magical jar with Christmas-themed marshmallows (or Christmas M&M’s or Christmas Kisses, etc.) and make sure to remind your family to take their vitamins every morning.

I am pretty sure that your Happy Buddies won’t need much reminding! :-)

This idea also makes a great gift for friends and neighbors.

Just fill a cute jar with the vitamin of your choice and attach the poem that reads:

25 days to wait

Until that December date

To help you pass the time away

Have one candy every day!

Merry Christmas!

I even made a FREE Printable Christmas Vitamin tag for you to use!Click HERE for your FREE Printable Christmas Vitamin Tag!

Happy Christmas Vitamin-ing! :-)

2 thoughts on “Christmas Vitamins – FREE Printable!

  1. I filled a ‘vitamin’ jar tonight with the Christmas marshmallows. My girls were VERY happy about this newest idea. :) heehee

  2. Every year we cut the center out of a large paper plate, punch holes around the edge, thread pretty ribbons, glue 24 Christmas colored Rolos, and hang it for our Advent wreath.

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