My Food Looks Like a Pumpkin!

I just love it when people transform food into something magical –

Like a pumpkin. :-)

Check out this round-up of easy-peasy ways to bring a little pumpkin into your Happy Home’s mealtimes these last few days before the end of October.

Click Image for Instructions

Wake your Happy Buddies up this weekend to a plate of Pumpkin Pancakes like these from the idea room.

Click Image for Instructions

A clementine, a little marker…  Instant pumpkin happiness from The Princess and the Toad.

Click Image for Instructions

How marvelous are these Pumpkin Pizzas from Red Couch Recipes?

Click Image for Instructions

Our Best Bites made the sweetest little Pumpkin Sandwiches with cream cheese and apricot jam.This is so easy!

Cut pumpkin faces with some cheeseand you will have the cutest burgers ever!

Click Image for Instructions

I think these Cinnamon Tortilla Pumpkin Faces from Come Together Kids are the perfect activity and after-school snack for your Happy Buddies!

She also has a great recipe for a tasty dip to go with them – check it out!!

Click Image for Instructions

Taste of Home put together this adorable Pumpkin Veggie Tray.

Click Image for Instructions

The Crafty Nest has a yummy-looking recipe for a special Halloween Punch with Pumpkin Mason Jars.

Click Image for Instructions

And this last idea is my favorite!!!

Mostly because it is so easy and mostly because I know the Happy Buddy would just love an afternoon in the kitchen decorating these Pumpkin Cupcakes via From Glitter to Gumdrops!

Happy Pumpkin Food-ing! :-)

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