Scriptures for Halloween

Halloween can be a difficult season for Happy Homes as they try to navigate the stores and costumes and decorations that aren’t exactly happy, so to speak.

It’s important to be armed with knowledge and an action plan based on prayerful convictions so that you will be prepared during these seasons to lead your Happy Home in the Lord.

If you haven’t read my thoughts on Halloween. check it out HERE.

In addition, I thought I’d create a few printables for your Happy Home fridge to arm you with Scripture that might assist in your Halloween convictions, as well as some Bible verses about fear – something that many Happy Buddies might experience more of as they encounter the scarier aspects of this particular holiday.

Let me know if this helps!

Click Image for Printable

Click Image for Printable

Happy Bible Verse-ing! :-)

7 thoughts on “Scriptures for Halloween

  1. This is lovely, thank you. And although it wasn’t your intent, we as a family are dealing with a lot of fear and anxiety right now regarding our job situation, so a page with Scripture verses dealing with fear is exactly what we needed. Peace to you!

  2. Love your post. As a Christian I have struggled with halloween since my kids were born. It is everywhere and although we do not celebrate the hype goes on, with school activities, Disney channel, and even well-meaning church friends who want to know what they are “being for halloween”. I love the verses and your thoughtful bible-based insight, you put my own feeling into words! Thank you!

  3. Great post. We too are a Christian family and haven’t decided where we fall on the whole situation. Our kids are still 2 and under, so no debates yet, but we better come to a decision soon. I struggle with using it as an outreach opportunity and keeping the kids safe from evil forces. Will be looking at these more!

    Lindsey @

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  5. I agree. Our Sunday School made a note attached to a ‘candy kiss’ that read – ‘Jesus loves you and so do we; . We made some for each child to give to the homes that they went to Trick or Trea/

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