Mini Pumpkins

There is something so magical about ‘mini’ things.

That is why I get goosebumps whenever I see mini pumpkins!

They are just so cute.

And surprisingly multi-functional. :-)

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 Wrap cute ribbon around a bowl full of mini pumpkins for a whimsical centerpiece.

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Stack mini pumpkins on top of your candlesticks.

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Layered mini pumpkins in a glass vase make such a lovely sight!

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A paint pen transforms your mini pumpkin into a clever place card for guests!

I'm sorry - I don't remember where I found this image!

Hollow out a mini pumpkin and…  Voila!  You have a beautiful candle display!

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Do you see those mini pumpkins HANGING FROM THE CEILING?!

I can’t think of anything better I would want hanging from my ceiling!

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Oh, Martha Stewart.  You are speaking my language.

A little mod podge, a little glitter, a little pumpkin = magic!

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Mini pumpkins cast a warm glow with votives.

Find the How-To at Gingerbread Snowflakes.

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Brown Paper Packages made these simple monogrammed pumpkins.

You will not even believe how easy it is to do this.

Wouldn’t your Happy Buddy love having his/her own?  Or, what a great gift for your Happy Buddy’s teacher!

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I just loooove these Mini Pumpkin Topiaries from Midwest Living!

They kind of remind me of magic wands. :-)

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Baby Center created these cute little bats out of painted mini pumpkins.

What a great project for the Happy Buddies this month!And, finally, the Happy Home Fairy likes to march her mini pumpkins right across the top of her Happy Home fridge.

Happy Mini Pumpkin-ing! :-)

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