Happy Home Family Rules – FREE Printable!

I wish I could knuckle bump all of you this very second!

Happy Home Fairy just experienced 1,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook!!!!

What a joy to know that the good news about Happy Homes is reaching so many wonderful friends!

In honor of this occasion, I thought a FREE Printable was in store – to express my sincerest gratitude for supporting the Fairy. :-)

Click the link below and enjoy your very own…

FREE Printable Happy Home Family Rules Art.

Simply print, slip into a nice frame, and hang on your Happy Home wall.I personally have had to remind our Happy Home about the ‘No Whining Ever’ rule a lot lately! :-)

Click HERE for your FREE Printable Happy Home Family Rules Art!

Thank you so much for being my Happy Home Friends!

Happy Family Rules-ing! :-)

6 thoughts on “Happy Home Family Rules – FREE Printable!

  1. Congratulations! Thank you for posting this! This is actually on my to do list for the weekend! I love your fun looking rules vs the more structured 1- no ____ 2-do ______ type of list!

  2. Congrats on your 1,000 likes on facebook, my thought was, what’s not to like!!! So appreciate all the fun stuff you share with us. Printed out the Family Rules and it is going in our dinning room for all to see.

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