Happy Birthday, Mom. :-)

Dear Mom,

When I found this picture, tears came to my eyes because this picture is literally the essence of you.

You are joy.

I don’t know anyone that is happier than you.

You know how to find the good in anyone and anything.

Your smile could power Times Square for a lifetime.

I cannot even tell you how many times your smile has encouraged me, pointed me to the light, and reminded me of God’s call to “Be joyful always…”

Like the time I was terrified of having our C-section and you came over and wrote a dozen + Bible verses down on index cards for me to hide in my heart.

You are magical.

Like the time I was feeling frumpy and exhausted after the Happy Buddy was born and you bought me a new Disney Princess bath towel and a couple of new in-between-sized shirts that restored hope to my closet – just to cheer me up.

Then there was the time you snuck a little Mickey Mouse-shaped paper cut-out under my drinking glass at my birthday party.  I will never forget that.

You posted countdown numbers on my bathroom mirror the entire week leading up to the Happy Hubby’s and my wedding.

You leave mints on the Happy Hubby’s and my pillows whenever you come over to babysit.

You take the Happy Buddy and I to Chick-fil-A on Wednesday nights.

You made our whole family have a Santa Pancake-Making Contest at Christmas this year.

Every year on my birthday, you make sure you and dad are my first callers.  Complete with Captain Zoom.

Having you as a mom is like getting to go to Disney World every day of my life (I am not even kidding about that).

You are generous.

Whenever you are at Costco, you never fail to call and ask if we need anything.

Every so often you slip us a twenty for date nights.

You never show up empty-handed.  Even if it’s just a roll of paper towels (and somehow you always know right when we need them!).

You will drive all the way out to our house in rush hour just to bring my chicken noodle soup if you know I am not feeling well.

You have pretty much outfitted our Happy Buddy for the rest of his life. :-)

Whenever you know I like something (like that table at Homegoods), you do everything in your power to make sure it belongs to us.

You share all of your Southern Living Christmas Cookbooks with me.

You let me shop in your pantry whenever I come over.

You give me the mini-mascara tubes from your Estee Lauder gift bags because you know I love them so much – even though I know you love them, too.

You are friendship.

Whenever I need to talk, you are always available.

You remind me of what’s important.

You tell me I’m a good mom at just the moment I need to hear it.

You will ride the escalators at the mall with the Happy Buddy over and over again while I try to find a pair of jeans that fit.

You let me put glitter on your face so that we will be matching.

You are excellence.

Mom, you never do anything halfheartedly.

Even if it’s just me and the Happy Buddy coming over for dinner, you break out the nice china and fancy napkins (not to mention, you are brave). :-)

I don’t know another middle and high school choral director as amazing as you.

You never cease to amaze audiences with the gifts God has given you to inspire young singers to make music for His glory.

You bring your students donuts and even invite the entire 100 voice choir into your home for breakfast parties.

It’s no wonder you are everyone’s favorite teacher.

Plus, you never leave your house without wearing pantyhose and heels.

That is some serious level of excellence.

You are energy.

Everyone who knows you cannot seem to figure out how you get everything done.

I am pretty sure you don’t sleep – and yet your eyes are always sparkly.

And I am so grateful that the Happy Buddy has a ‘Mom-Mom’ who is still willing to slide down slides at the park and have tea parties with him under the table.

You are perseverance.

Cancer did not stop you.

You fought it with a smile on your face the entire time.

And now you bring chemo caps to anyone you know who gets cancer because that’s what blessed you when you were sick.

You always know how to make people feel better, Mom.

I hope that one day I will be like you – which, in all honesty, is like Jesus.

You are radiance.

Thanks for shining His light everywhere you go and for filling my life with so much joy and music.

I would not be who I am today without you.

You taught me everything I know about loving my family and putting them first and celebrating the ‘little things’ in life.

You are the true Happy Home Fairy.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

I love you so much.

22 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mom. :-)

  1. Absolutely beautifully written. Made me cry this morning. God has blessed you with the ability to write such amazing words. Blessings to you and your sweet family…..

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your Mom. The picture looks like a Lady who would never know a stranger. My Mom is gone and we didn’t have a relationship like you express BUT I do remember her Smiles. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. That is one SUPER MOM to celebrate!! How precious our mother’s are and how they sure do know how to love in some of the smallest, sweetest ways.

    Happy birthday Mrs. Wilson and thank you Julie for sharing such sweet memories with all of your bloggers :)

  4. I don’t even know your family…..thanks for making me cry! Those are the words I hope my children will be able to say to me once. They are 8,7 and 6 and they are a far cry from that right now!!! Thanks for reminding me to live like Christ and they will!!! :) Have a wonderful day. I LOVE your posts and forward them OFTEN!

    • *sniffle* this is absolutely beautiful!! You know, that photo of your mom really does show how joyful and awesome she is. Love it : ) And I agree with Sunshine’s post above 100%!

  5. Oh wow.

    You are so blessed to have such a wonderful mom. Reading that encouraged me as a mom. It really shifted something in me as a mom of 3 children ages 10 months to 7. I want to be that kind of mom/person. From a moms point of view to receive a letter like that from my children would be the most precious thing ever. Thank-you for sharing that with us.

    God Bless you and your family :)

  6. Love this sweet tribute to your Mom for her Birthday! After meeting you both, just know you are “true reflections” of Jesus! BIG Happy Birthday hugs to your Mom and Happy Who You Are Hugs to you! I have no daughters, but 2 awesome sons, 2 amazing daughter-in-loves and 3 beautiful, ever so precious little granddaughters! I love you Happy Home Fairy and also the one that begat you! Phil.1:6 for you both! oxoxoxoxox

  7. That was AMAZING!!! As mothers we all have special qualities.. but this by far sums it all up. You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful mother (just like I am). Thank you for giving inspiration to all mothers out there!
    Happy Birthday to your Wonderful Mother, and may the Lord “bless” her with many more!!! Keep up the GREAT work !!! =)

  8. WOW!!!! We should all be that blessed and loved. It was so nice just reading all the wonderful things your mom does and how much you appreciate them and her. I don’t have anything even close to that with my mom or my daughter but I’m so grateful to hear that it does exist b/c it has always existed in my heart but I never knew how to get it or give it. You are truly blessed and so is you son.

  9. I agree with Sunshine. I only hope my son (7) someday sees me like that. I couldn’t help but have my eyes fill with tears as I read this. You are very blessed to have such a wonderful blessing. I also don’t know your family, but know that she probably sees all those same things in you. Just reading your posts (EVERYDAY) brings a smile to my face and makes me want to be a better person. I know it all comes from having Crist in your life and heart.

  10. My dearest daughter,
    Thank you from my heart to yours!
    This was so precious and you made this day so incredibly special! I am so blessed to have such a loving daughter and best friend! You bring such joy to my life each and every day! I will treasure these words always! I love you sweetheart! God has given me such treasures in my family!
    Love, Mom!

  11. What a beautiful letter to your mom, she is very special, but then so are you. Her letter says so. A few years ago, for Mothers Day, my daughter wrote me a poem, that made me cry it was so beautiful. (she has me overrated) But like your mom, my daughter is such a precious gift. Spend as much time as you can with your mother. I miss my mother so much, and would give anything to have some more time with her. Keep up the good work!

  12. Why must you make me cry???

    You’re mom was such a blessing to me in those LOVELY teenage years.
    I’m so glad I joined choir in 7th grade because I couldn’t play an instrument! :)
    She called me up, a new student to attend WA, before school started and even let me audition over the phone (unless, I just got confused and thought that’s what she was asking me to do… which is quite possible… oh well, if that’s the case, she didn’t make me feel bad bc she’s wonderful).

    Thanks for sharing!
    In more ways than one :’)

    And in case no one has told you, you are very much your mother’s daughter.
    I’m glad to know you even a little bit.

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