Craft – Caterpillar Clothespins

When I was teaching, I knew that my students brought home a lot of paperwork.

But now that I am on the receiving end, HOLY SMOLIES!

I don’t even know how to keep up with it all – and we’re only in PreK-2! :-)

All that to say, you Moms are AWESOME for having to sift through and discern the daily Do I keep, toss, hang on the fridge, etc. question.

Here’s a cute little craft for those papers you decide need some Fridge Praise.

Caterpillar Clothespin Magnets!

Isn’t that just the happiest little crew you’ve ever seen?

What you need…Pom-poms


Adhesive Wiggly Eyes

Adhesive Magnets

Glue (after doing this project I think that Hot Glue is a much better choice for getting those pom-poms to stay in place!)Step 1 – Cut a piece of magnet and attach it to the back of your clothespin.Step 2 – Run a line of glue (use Hot Glue for best results) along the other side of your clothespin.Step 3 – Add pom-poms!

This is the fun part!Β  I think the Happy Buddy had more fun just saying the word Pom-Pom over and over than he did doing anything else!Wait for the glue to dry.Step 4 – Add googly eyes to your caterpillars.This is the Happy Buddy trying to pull the eyes off of our caterpillars.

Step 5 – Hang on your fridge!

*Read about our Cute Paper Plate Turtle HERE.*

And feature your Happy Buddy’s written accomplishments!

Happy Caterpillar Clothespin-ing! :-)

5 thoughts on “Craft – Caterpillar Clothespins

  1. What fun to see these “fuzzies” again! My Happy Buddies are all grown-up and have growing Buddies of their own now, so seeing these caterpillars have brought back many sweet memories. Enjoy these days while you can – they go fast!

  2. Those are absolutely adorable!!! What a great way to display your children’s crafts, by using more of their crafts as magnets! Ha, I LOVE IT! We will definitely be doing this. Thanks so much for the idea! :)

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