School is a Piece of Cake

Last year I posted about how I like to pack a lunch for my next door neighbor (who is a 1st grade teacher) for her first day of school.

I really enjoyed doing that because, as a former teacher myself, I know that at the beginning of the year you’re thinking about a trillion things – none of them including feeding yourself!

This year, though, the Happy Buddy and I haven’t been feeling very well, so I just couldn’t muster up the energy to put together a big whoop-de-la, so I came up with this instead…My neighbor really likes these jumbo cupcakes from Whole Foods so I picked one up and added a little message.

It certainly wasn’t spectacular, but I wanted to let her know that I was thinking about her!!

I thought you might enjoy the FREE Printable yourself if you want to take a cupcake to your Happy Buddy’s teacher on the first day. :-)Get your FREE Printable by clicking HERE.

Happy First Day Piece of Cake-ing! :-)

One thought on “School is a Piece of Cake

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