4th of July Head Gear

It’s important to decorate your head for the 4th of July.

Here’s a fun idea I picked up yesterday from the amazing art teacher at our church’s summer camp (and I think she might have picked up her inspiration from Family Fun).So cute, right?!

It’s so easy to make – I literally put one together while the Happy Buddy was eating his dinner last night.

And then while he ate dessert we made one for his neighbor buddy, Reese.

Here’s what you need:Red and white construction paper

Blue Duct Tape

Glitter Foam Star Stickers (I found mine at Target!)

ScissorsStep 1 – Cut your red and white construction paper into strips.Step 2 – Cut a piece of blue Duct Tape to fit around your Happy Buddy’s head (leave a little to overlap when you wrap it around).  Lay the Duct Tape sticky side up on your work surface.Step 3 – Place your construction paper strips on top of the Duct Tape.Step 4 – Lay another piece of blue Duct Tape on top of the other piece – covering up the construction paper strips.Step 5 – Decorate with lots of glittery foam star stickers.Step 6 – Cut the construction paper into thin strips – cutting all the way down to the Duct Tape.Step 7 – Attach the two ends of Duct Tape to form your hat.  Secure with another piece of Duct Tape if necessary.Step 8 – Wear your patriotic hat.

It feels really cool to shake your head around.

Step 9 – Ham it up a little.

This is America, people.  We are proud of our heritage.

Happy 4th of July Head Gear-ing! :-)

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