The Happy Hubby’s Favorites!

In case you missed it… Here is the post I did for Mariel of Or So She Says about inspiration for Father’s Day gifts based on the things my own Happy Hubby enjoys!

You really need to pop over and visit her site – Mariel is AMAZING and full of fun ideas on building a Happy Home.

That’s the Happy Hubby and me eating jumbo ice cream cones with sprinkles – one of his favorite things!

One of the best ways to have a Happy Hubby is to find out his favorite things, and then do everything in your power to celebrate them in his life!

Here are a few more things that make my hubby happy. :-)1.  The Happy Buddy!

When the Happy Hubby gets home from work, his eyes light up like the fireworks at Disney World when he sees his boy.  Those two are best buddies.

I think I might order the picture above as a PUZZLE (only $13 at Wal-Mart!) for the Happy Hubby for Father’s Day!  He would totally go to ‘pieces’ over it! :-)

2.  The Love of His Life.  :-)

I am not even kidding when I tell you that we registered for an X-Box when we were about to be married.  That thing just ministers to his soul!!  Sure there are days when I want to launch it off a cliff, but I have learned that playing his X-Box is as therapeutic to him as my trips to Target.  Plus, men like that feeling of conquering something – being a hero, you know?

Although I tell him all the time that simply taking the Happy Buddy’s diaper pail bags out to the garbage makes him the greatest hero in all the land!!

Whenever a holiday or birthday rolls around I like to scour the racks at Gamestop for something new and fun for him to conquer.  Or, one of the best gifts my man ever got, was a subscription to X-Box LIVE.  He loves that he can play his game with other people from all over the world.

Click Image for Printable

If your Happy Hubby is a game-er, then he might like this funny FREE printable card above from Thirty Handmade Days.

3.  Homemade Mac and Cheese, Brisket, and Happy Home Fairy’s Broccoli Salad of Wonder!

The Happy Hubby LOVES to eat so much that I was tempted to make all of his favorite things food-related!

Every year for the Happy Hubby’s birthday, he requests Mac and Cheese and Brisket!!

It is the best combination EVER.

If you want to make this meal for YOUR Happy Hubby for Father’s Day (you won’t be sorry) – I use the Homemade Macaroni and Cheese recipe from the back of the Mueller’s elbow noodle box (it’s INCREDIBLE!  You can find it HERE.  We like to add a ton more cheese on top before baking.  And make sure that is is freshly shredded cheese – massively better than the pre-shredded kind for this particular dish).

And the brisket couldn’t be easier – Go HERE for simple slow-cooked brisket deliciousness.

Then because we really need to have something green in our special meal, the Happy Hubby requests my Broccoli Salad of Wonder – the only salad he will eat (note 1 cup of sugar in dressing!!!).  I actually have photocopies of this recipe in my purse – it’s that good.

4.  The Beach!

Whenever the Happy Hubby gets a little overwhelmed with work stuff, I know a trip to the beach is needed!  Seriously, just being near water is refreshing for my man.  Fortunately we live about 15 minutes from the beautiful shores of Fort Lauderdale so we pack a family picnic and head there for the Florida breezes to blow our cares away.

Or, if we are pressed for time, I hand him a postcard of the beach and tell him to stare at it for 15 minutes while I hold a fan to his face and make seagull noises. :-)

The important thing is that we go to a place he loves – a great idea for Father’s Day!  Daddy Day Trips can be so special with just a little planning.

If you hit the beach, like us, you can pack a bag of snacks, his fave sunscreen, a new pair of shades, his fave drinks, and some flip flops.  And then have all your Happy Buddies bury him in the sand. :-)

If your Happy Hubby likes to golf, send him on an all-day adventure with some of his man friends!  Pack him a new package of golf tees with this FREE “You’re a TEE-riffic Dad!” printable tag from HERE.

Does he enjoy fishing?  Have an annual Father/Son or Daughter fishing trip!

Or maybe there is a museum, exhibit, restaurant, movie, etc. he’s been wanting to try – make his dreams come true for Father’s Day with an experience he will never forget!

5. Personalized Guitar Strap!

Several years ago I noticed that the Happy Hubby’s guitar strap was getting rather worn.  So I hopped over to a music store and purchased a nice, plain brown guitar strap.  Then I took it to an embroidery store to have his initials stitched into the leather.

He never plays without it.

It was such a simple gift, really, but boy, has it had a lasting impact!

I hope you found some inspiration here!

What are your Happy Hubby’s favorite things??

Happy Father’s Day Favorite Thing-ing! :-)

2 thoughts on “The Happy Hubby’s Favorites!

  1. I LOVE this idea :) So much fun!

    Question – do you use a program for creating these cute printables, or do you make them and then scan them? If you use a program, do you mind sharing which one?! I would love to create some of my own :)

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