Last Day of School Dinner Party

Secrets of a Super Mommy has an AWESOME way to celebrate your Happy Buddy’s end of a great school year!

Host a Last Day of School Dinner Party!

The best part?  All of the food is shaped in the number (or letter) of the grade your Happy Buddy will be entering.

Click Image for more Party Pics!

PLUS… Secrets of a Super Mommy made a FREE printable for you to use that has the adorable tag you see above!  She made tags featuring all of the different grades – so you can tailor it to your Happy Home’s needs!  Just stick them into your number-shaped food for a magical touch that declares, “I am sooo proud of all your hard work this year!!”

Secrets of a Super Mommy even has a list of fun foods you can feature at your meal that are conducive to shaping into numbers. :-)

She knows how to make the magic so easy for us mommies!

And my favorite thing about the Last Day Dinner Party is this cute sign she hung from her Happy Buddy’s chair.Please check out the rest of the party details HERE and let me know if you plan to throw your own!

Let’s make our little graduates feel special for a job well done!

Happy Last Day Dinner Party-ing! :-)

The Fairy would love to hear from YOU! :-) Seriously, it's my favorite. Leave a comment!

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