He is Risen!!!!!!!!!!

He is risen, indeed!!!!

Happy Easter, dear  Happy Home Friends!

I am praying that your day is filled with the celebration and joy of Christ’s glorious resurrection!

The Happy Buddy wanted you to know that “SomeBUNNY loves you!” (and that ‘somebunny’ is him!) :-)

I’d love to hear how your Scavenger Hunt went, or how your Happy Buddies (and Happy Hubby!) enjoyed their Easter Baskets, or how your delicious Brunch turned out, or how your Happy Home reacted when their Easter Garden tomb was found empty – feel free to leave a comment!

God Bless You!!!!! :-)

*Stay tuned to Happy Home Fairy for awesome Teacher Appreciation Ideas, a magical Jellybean Cake recipe (don’t throw those little beans away yet!), and lots of Mother’s Day Fun!*

9 thoughts on “He is Risen!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Just wanted to let you know of how much I have enjoyed your website. I have subscribed to it (via Bloglovin’) and check it out every day. Love your ideas and your faith! Thanks so much!

  2. Oh Julie!! We had such a fabulous MAGICAL day!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! We started out with a jelly bean/bunny foot-print trail that led us to the fabulous scavenger hunt for the girls’ baskets, it was SO much fun!! We had a wonderful Easter brunch at my mom’s house with Easter Jokes and my daughters even presented their Resurrection Eggs to the family (SO cute!!) I made the adorable bunny cake which everyone loved. It was a day filled with SO much FUN and JOY. HE IS RISEN!!! xoxo

  3. OH and I used one of your past ideas from a MOM meeting–the Easter Bunny left the girls “magic Jelly Beans” that they planted in the bunny cake and a few hours later–LOLLIPOPS grew. LOOOOOVED it!!! SO FUN!!! thank you sweet girl!!! Hope you guys had a wonderful day as well!!

  4. My sons (ages 1 1/2 and 4 1/2) have LOVED all the crafts, activities, games, etc. from your site that we have been doing the past few weeks. But this morning was especially magical, with the scavenger hunt and bunny footprints…my older son told all his friends at church that the Easter Bunny had hopped into his house and left him a basket! And our Easter garden tomb was a beautiful reminder of the true meaning of this special day…a great visual to help him understand what Easter is all about! Also, we live in an apartment so we don’t have neighbors with front yards, but today before walking into church we “egged” one of our friends cars! We put the “You’ve Been Egged” sign, along with easter eggs, on their windshield and we even put some all inside their car and in the kids’ car seats, because the doors were unlocked! They had been sick the past week and had missed out on some easter events so it was super exciting for them to come out to their car after church and find that surprise! Thank you for your fantastically magical ideas!!!

  5. I had so much fun with all your ideas for Easter. We did the Preschool Version of the Resurrection Eggs and made the Resurrection Rolls. My children really grasped the true meaning of Easter. My husband appreciated the little notes. I left them in places that I knew he would go to Easter morning. He was really surprised and looking forward to cashing some in. I used the Fun with Peeps Tags for gifts for the children in my family.
    Thanks so much,

  6. We had so much fun this Easter thanks to your ideas! That little bunny left footprints ALL OVER my house when he left eggs for the basket scavenger hunt. The footprints thrilled my almost 4yo son to pieces!! I even left a tail of cotton balls in the door. He got a little upset about the bunny losing his tail, but I assured him bunny tails grow back… right? haha

    I made some preschool ressurection eggs and explained those to the little ones at church. We also talked about the “real” Easter bunny. That was such a lovely idea.

    The best part of the day was when we were in the car coming home from a wonderful lunch with lots of friends and my son says, “Hey Daddy. Jesus died on the cross, but he didn’t stay dead. He is alive with God in Heaven!” I’m about to cry just thinking about it. =)

  7. When my little almost 4 year old girl found the tomb empty in our Easter Garden, early on Easter Sunday, she squealed “Jesus is ALIVE!”
    *sigh* Yes He is :)

  8. Hey Lady,

    We started off the day with some cute little bunny pancakes. Ryan actually found that idea on here when I asked him to print off the clues for the scavenger hunt. We did the scavenger hunt with Hannah, and she loved it. We have it on video, so I’ll have to show it to you sometime. She tore up and down the stairs looking for more clues! We had an awesome lunch with some friends, complete with Easter egg hunt. It was a super fun day. Hope you guys had a nice service and dinner with Mom & Dad!

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