The Jellybean Game

I loooooove the magic of jellybeans.

For my 13th birthday some of my friends sneaked into my locker and left a giant box of Jelly Belly jellybeans!  I was in absolute heaven having access to every flavor of jellybean known to man!!!  There is something truly exciting about all those compartments and colors and sugar!

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Here is a fun game to try around the dinner table tonight with your bag of beans.

The Jellybean Game

  1. Pour a bag of jellybeans into a bowl.
  2. Decide what each color signifies.
  3. Write it down on a piece of paper so that everyone can remember!
  4. Go around the table and have each person close their eyes and take a jellybean from the bowl.
  5. Then have them follow the directions for whatever color they choose.
  6. Eat your jellybean!

Here is an example…

  • Pink Jellybeans – Hop around the room like an Easter Bunny.
  • Purple Jellybeans – What is your favorite Easter candy?
  • Green Jellybeans – If you could give an Easter basket to anyone in the world who would you choose?
  • Yellow Jellybeans – Call someone and tell them an Easter joke (there are some funny ones HERE or check out my FREE printable Easter joke cards HERE).
  • Red Jellybeans – Finish this sentence… Easter would be different if a dragon hid the eggs because…
  • Black Jellybeans – What do you think are some rules that the Easter Bunny would have in his workshop where they color the eggs?  (Example – Hop softly.  Always work with a carrot in your mouth.)
  • White Jellybeans – If you could invent your own jellybean flavor, what would it be and why?

The ideas you could use are endless!

Here are a few other quick game ideas with jellybeans!

  1. Jellybean Guess – Fill a jar with jellybeans and have your Happy Home guess how many there are!  Or, you could count out the beans as a Happy Home and then leave the jar at your front door for guests to guess whenever they pop by!  Have them write their name and guess on a piece of paper.  On Easter, look through the guesses and call the winner!
  2. What Flavor Is That? – Get a big box of Jelly Belly jellybeans.  Blindfold players and have them taste test various beans.  See who can guess the correct flavor!  This is a fun idea to do with your Happy Hubby after the Happy Buddies are in bed!

Happy Jellybean Game-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “The Jellybean Game

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  2. Every year, I use these Jellybeans prayers to show love to visitors of the church. We will enjoy them this year for the parents that bring child/children to the daycare.

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