How to Fold a Bunny Napkin

One summer I came home from college to work as a server at a local restaurant.

While I was there I learned how to do some pretty nifty cloth napkin folds!

I still enjoy folding napkins and employ my napkin-folding talents whenever we have company for dinner.

This is seriously an art, people.  An art that we, as Happy Home Moms, must know.

So, with the approach of Easter, what could be more important than learning how to fold a napkin like a bunny?!

Watch this video by BHG for all the right moves to make your Easter Dinner Guests hop around because they are so impressed by your most-egg-cellent table presentation!

Not to mention your Happy Buddies will think you are pretty much the most amazing momma EVER.

For a step-by-step picture tutorial of the Bunny Napkin Fold go HERE.

If that bunny napkin-folding business looks too complicated to you, maybe one of these next 2 Easter napkin-y ideas will do the trick!

Click Image for Instructions

I love these super easy Bunny Napkin Rings from Ramblings of a Crazy Woman!

Click Image for Instructions

And these carrot-looking silverware holders would be soooo cute on a kid’s table!  Go HERE for the how-to!

Happy Bunny Napkin Folding-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “How to Fold a Bunny Napkin

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