Egg Hunts – Happy Home Fairy Style

My favorite thing about Easter growing up was the annual egg hunt my Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop hosted for all of the grandkids.

We’d get dressed up in our Easter finest, drive to Mom-Mom’s house, eat some delicious ham and corn casserole, and then hop our way around the backyard picking up all the eggs we could find.  It was the greatest thrill darting to and fro with my cousins as we filled our baskets.  I especially loved finding the eggs that were nestled in the tree branches!

Then, of course, there was the after-hunt-joy of opening the eggs and discovering all the treasures inside.

It was a good, old-fashioned Easter Egg Hunt and I loved it.

Personally, I wouldn’t change a thing about my Mom-Mom’s Egg Hunt.  It was definitely some of the sweetest Easter memories I have!

But if you are looking to spice it up a bit for your Happy Buddies, here are some of my most creative Egg Hunt Ideas!

1.  A Puzzling Hunt (Idea from All Kids Network) – This is perfect if your Happy Buddies are a little older and you’re trying to find a way to keep cavities at bay this Easter season.  Instead of hiding eggs filled with candy, hide eggs filled with puzzle pieces.  When all the eggs have been found, your Happy Buddy gets to put the puzzle together.  The best part about this hunt is that the completed puzzle reveals a clue that leads your Happy Buddy to his/her Easter basket!  Hop over to All Kids Network for tips on creating your Easter egg puzzle!  If puzzles aren’t appealing, then try Leggo’s!  Once your child has built his/her Leggo creation then hand them the clue to the location of their basket.

Image from All Kids Network

Image from All Kids Network

2.  A Hunt with a Purpose – Looking to use your egg hunt as an opportunity to point your Happy Buddies toward the true meaning of Easter?  Put a Bible verse in each plastic egg that tells the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  When all the eggs are found, your Happy Buddies must work together to put the verses in chronological order.  An easier alternative would be to number the Bible verses.  Then when all of the eggs are found, everyone gathers together and someone calls out the numbers one by one and your Happy Buddies read the Scriptures out loud to tell the Good News!  (I’ve got FREE Printable Easter Story Cards for you HERE!!)

3.  Bunny Money Hunting – Fill plastic eggs with Bunny Money!  Create some Bunny Money Coupons for your Happy Buddies to redeem for favorite meals, desserts, or special privileges like a date with mom or dad!  Or, do like Casa Camancho and have an Easter Store (small items she picked up from the Dollar Store) where your Happy Buddies can use their Bunny Money to buy prizes!  She even has a free printable Bunny Money template!  Bonus is that it’s a terrific lesson in finances!!!

Click Image for More Details!

4.  He Is Risen Egg Hunt – LOOOOOOVE this idea!  Hide a ton of eggs filled with candy or small treats, but then hide one empty egg.  Send your Happy Buddies out with the instruction that whoever finds the empty egg must shout out, “HE IS RISEN!!!”  Then that person gets to hide the empty egg for the next round.  Be sure to get the kids super excited about that empty egg – it’s a celebration of our risen Lord!!! :-)5.  Secret Note Hunt – My Love Language is Words of Affirmation (so please leave me lots of comments whenever you visit this blog) so this idea really rings my bell!  Write little notes to your kid like, “You are such an awesome friend!” or “I love it when you share with your brother!” or “God has given you so many gifts!” and fill up those plastic eggs.  If you have multiple Happy Buddies, assign a color egg to each kid so that they’re sure to get the notes especially written for them!

A twist on this idea would be to instead of writing words of affirmation, write commands like, “Sing the Alphabet 3 times.” or “Hop around like a bunny for 1 minute.” or “Pretend to eat a delicious bowl of Rabbit Stew.”  Then tell your Happy Buddies that when they find an egg, they have to report back to you and complete the command with you as the witness before they continue hunting.

Go HERE for a great rhyming Fitness Easter Egg Hunt!

And don’t forget about my FREE printable Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!

Are you dye-ing (haha) for more egg hunt ideas?

24/7 Moms (one of my favorite-ist sites ever) has 10 Egg-ceptional Ideas HERE.Happy Easter Egg Hunt-ing! :-)

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