Easter Craft – Handprint Bunny Wreath

I am so giddy over this sweet little Easter wreath!!!Aren’t you egg-cited about this?!?

And I am not even kidding – it was a snap to make!

Those little bunnies??They’re made out of the Happy Buddy’s handprints!Β  Just paint the palm and the pointer and ring finger, then press onto paper!

I painted his palm 6 times so that our little wreath would be egg-stra colorful (I literally prayed over the Happy Buddy before we started this project because he is definitely not one to hang out in the same spot for longer than a milli-second, let alone 7 minutes for me to paint his hand 6 times!).

Then I wrapped a foam wreath form with a spool of adorable polka-dot ribbon I snagged at the Dollar Tree!

Add embellishments to your handprint bunnies, glue on to the wreath form, and finally, add some plastic eggs for a little extra punch.

If you want a better tutorial for this cuteness (she did hers on a paper plate instead of the ribbon-wrapped wreath form – love it!), check out Ramblings of a Crazy Woman.

Hang on a door and smile every time you look at it because it is your Happy Buddy’s precious Easter blessing decoration to your Happy Home!

Happy Handprint Bunny Wreath-ing! :-)

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