Craft – PEEP Topiary

Did you know that Americans will eat more than 600 million marshmallow Peeps and bunnies this Easter??

My tummy just aches to think about it!!! :-)

If you’re not one to eat a Peep, then remember, there are also many ways you can craft with them (check out my post HERE that has lots of creative Peep ideas!).

Here is one Peep idea I’ve been working on – saw it in the April issue of Woman’s Day magazine and HAD to make it!!A Peep Topiary!

Every time I just look at this thing I get happy!

And it was so easy to put together!

Do you want to make one??? (I know you do!!!)

I found a nice tutorial for it over at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

It’s such a sweet and delicious-looking Easter decoration!

Happy Peep Topiary-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “Craft – PEEP Topiary

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