Dollar Store Easter Decorating

Oh, how I love creative minds that can whip up something beautiful for just a few dollars!

I love to decorate for holidays, but I have to do it carefully – honoring the Happy Home Budget, if you know what I mean!

So when I saw these 3 cute Dollar Store Easter Decorating Ideas I thought, “WE CAN DO THIS!”

Click Image for Instructions

This Easter Topiary took Simply Crafty about 5 minutes and under $5 to make!  Pretty much everything came from the Dollar Tree!  Hop on over to see how Simply Crafty put it all together!

Click Image for Instructions

Camelot Art Creations took those same egg picks that Simply Crafty used (from the Dollar Tree) and stuck them in the ground to make the most magical Easter walkway!  A path fit for a Happy Home indeed!  And there’s even a brief tutorial on how to make your own egg picks!

Click Image for Instructions

Then there’s this adorable creation by My Garden of Eden!  This project only cost Abbi $2.14 – everything came from the Dollar Tree!!!

I do declare, I believe God gets so much glory from this frugality of creative wonder!

When I saw these posts, I hippity-hopped my way to the dollar store for some supplies.

Here’s my take on a few of these ideas…Happy Home Fairy’s take on Simply Crafty’s Easter Topiary!!!

Our Dollar Tree didn’t have a whole lot of those egg picks in stock, so I made do by using a smaller container.  I like Simply Crafty’s better, but it fills me with so much Easter joy to see this frugal brilliance on our dining room table!Happy Home Fairy’s take on My Garden of Eden’s Easter Egg Tree!

I am so pleased with how this little project turned out!  What a happy edition to our Easter decor!  Thanks, Abbi, for the super cuteness!

And my Happy Hubby thanks you ALL for helping me practice self-control in the area of our finances. :-)

Now all I need to do to complete this design-on-a-dime adventure is grab the Happy Buddy and get outside to stick some eggs in the ground!

Happy Dollar Store Easter Decorating! :-)

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