Proof the Easter Bunny Exists

At Thanksgiving you try to catch a turkey, but usually all you get is some turkey droppings and feathers.

At Christmas time, Magic Elves wreak havoc on your Happy Home with all kinds of mischief.

St. Patrick’s Day brings those sneaky leprechauns who like to mess things up and leave green glitter every where.

So what does the Easter Bunny do besides bring delicious baskets?

How do you know that he really came?

Click Image for Free Printable

Maybe your Happy Buddies will find a winding trail of these free printable Bunny Feet from Activity Village on Easter morning.Sometimes little bits of the Easter Bunny’s tail fall out as he hops around your Happy Home setting up the baskets.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Sometimes the Easter Bunny has to take a little visit to the powder room…

Check out THIS POST for even more hilarious Easter Bunny tricks.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Lizy B’s Happy Home finds the Bunny’s footprints outside on Easter morning!

Click Image for Free Printable

And don’t forget to leave out some carrots for the Easter Bunny to regain his strength after a long night of hopping and delivering baskets.

Maybe he will surprise your Happy Buddies with this free printable letter of thanks.

That Easter Bunny sure knows how to show the love!

Happy Easter Bunny-ing! :-)

12 thoughts on “Proof the Easter Bunny Exists

  1. This is a cute idea, but I wonder…Do you ever feel like the elves, leprechauns, turkey, bunny, etc. ever overwhelm or overshadow the real meaning of the various holidays? I just think sometimes we get so wrapped up in celebrating to such an extent that our children might mistake the reason we are celebrating the holiday.
    Just a random thought that is probably too serious for 8:40 in the morning :)

    • Courtney, I totally agree. You have to strike a balance between the magical stuff and the real meaning of these special days. I think bunnies and jellybean trails are so much fun for our kids to enjoy, but then I always make a greater effort to bring it back to the Lord. Plus, the ideas on this website are not meant for one Happy Home to attempt to do every single one, so it helps if you remember that, because that, indeed, would overwhelm anyone! You will find lots more posts in the future about ways you can encourage your Happy Buddies to focus on Jesus in the midst of the Egg-stravaganza. I hope you’ll stay tuned! And it’s wonderful that your thoughts are pro-active in ushering your Happy Buddies toward Him. That is truly how we have Happy Homes at all!

  2. Adorable! This is such a cute idea! Your series has really been making em smile, I lppk forward to me e-mail updates just to see what’s next! :) Great work!

    On a different note – I agree with Courtney (& you). It is important to find that balance. I believe in letting my girls have fun with the holidays (joyful childhood memories in the making) but I also make sure I instill in them the reason for the holiday.

    I believe that as long as they know the meaning for it all – there is nothing harmful in letting them enjoy the rest. :)


  3. I can’t even begin to tell you what a THRILL and HONOR it is to be a tiny part of your blog!!!!! ;-) Easter is my FAVE FAVE FAAAAAAAVORITE!!!!!!!! so I am SOOO excited for this month full of all these wonderful ideas!!!! THANK YOU SO much Julie!!! I ADORE YOU!!!!

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