Fun with Peeps!

When these little guys start peeping onto the shelves of stores, I get all Easter excited!

But I had no idea how inspiring Peeps can be!!!

Check out this peepin’ collection of Peeps Ideas I found around the web…

Click Image for Instructions

How to make S’meeps from Serious Eats!  Here’s what Grace had to say about her delicious creation – S’meeps are the Brangelina of the Peeps world. A classic treat (s’more/Brad Pitt) coupled with a sparkly chick (Peep/Jolie). Haha!  Go check them out and make some with your Happy Home!

Click Image for Instructions

Isn’t this centerpiece lovely?  The Celebration Shoppe will show you how to create this work of art that will grace your table with its beauty!   Seriously, you will not even believe how easy it is to put this together!  I’m all about simplicity and super cuteness!

Click Image for Instructions

Why not make a house for your Peeps?  They need a place to stay warm and cozy during the rainy days of Spring!  Kasey Buick gives you a few simple steps that your Happy Buddies will enjoy so much!

Click Image for Free Printable

Wouldn’t this be the sweetest thing to pass out to your Community Group next time you have to host?  eighteen25 made a free printable bag topper for you to use and bless all your favorite peeps!

Click Image for Instructions

I just know you’re running out the door right now to buy the supplies to make this frugal Easter wreath from Mommy Savers!  What a fun way to welcome all of your Easter guests!!!  Best part is that it cost only $8 to make!!!

Click Image for Instructions

Oh man.  I wish that I was more proficient at sewing because I’d be all over this Peeps Banner project!!!  My eyes are practically tearing up from the wonder of those happy Peeps hanging together so sweetly!!!  V and Co. provides the greatest tutorial and even more precious pictures of their Easter Peep Party!

Click Image for some more seriously funny Peeps images

And then there’s this picture of a Peeping Tom.  Haha!  Go HERE to see more funny Peep adventures!!!

I am going to go hang with my own two favorite ‘peeps’ right now!  The Happy Hubby and Happy Buddy are waiting!  Maybe we’ll make some S’meeps and take this fun Peeps Trivia Quiz!!  Or maybe a simple Peep explosion in the microwave is all we need for entertainment tonight. :-)

Happy Peep-ing!

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