You’ve Been Egged!! – An Easter Tradition

I am LOVING this tradition!

As a Happy Home, decide who you are doing to ‘egg.’

Fill up a bunch of plastic eggs with candy, small treats or toys, and even some sweet personalized notes from you to the people who will receive your ‘egging’.

You could write something like, “We think you are egg-ceptional neighbors (friends)!” or “We hope you have an egg-cellent Easter!” or even “He is ALIVE!” :-)

Then, gather your supplies and hop in the car (or on foot if you’re slipping next door).  When you get to the destination, run around placing eggs all over your victim’s lawn.

Image from eighteen25 Blog

Finally, leave this AMAZING FREE printable sign from the FABULOUS eighteen25 on their front door before you dash back to the getaway car.

Click Image for Free Printable

Your Happy Home Friends are going to go bananas when they discover the Easter magic all over their yard!

I shared this idea with some of my gal pals last Easter and one told me that her Happy Hubby stepped outside to take the trash to the curb and couldn’t believe the sight before his eyes!  Hundreds of eggs everywhere!  He immediately raced back in the house to get his wife and wake up their Happy Buddies so they could see the wonderment of eggs!!  It was a magical evening of celebrating the Easter season as they sorted through their treasure and pondered who the Eggers were so they could return the favor. :-)

I can’t wait to hear about your ‘egg-ing’ adventures!

Happy Egg-ing! :-)

6 thoughts on “You’ve Been Egged!! – An Easter Tradition

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  4. Our small group from church has been “egging” for about 5 years now. We get together about a month before Easter and choose 1 or more families that we think could use a pick me up. Then a few weeks before Easter we bring together plastic eggs, candy, coins, small toys, gift cards, baskets, Easter grass, etc. The kids in the small group have a great time filling everything. Then we wake up before dawn on Easter morning and distribute the eggs and gifts. We tape a sign to their door, “He is risen. He is risen indeed. You have been egged by a family at (name of church).” Our next stop is Cracker Barrel for breakfast as a small group, then off to church. We have been so blessed by anonymously blessing others. Every now and then we overhear a family talking about how they had been blessed by the sudden appearance of eggs in their yard!

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