April Fool’s Day Fun

I am not a huge fan of this holiday because I am probably the most gullible person on the planet.

I am not even kidding about this.  My friends in high school once told me that the freckle on my forehead was going to grow in size until it covered my whole face.  I totally believed them and spent an entire week fretting that I would be a freckle face forEVER!

But for those of you who relish the pleasure of a practical joke, then here are some of the April Fool’s Day ideas I found on the Internet that, to me, seem like good ole’ fashioned, harmless fun – the perfect recipe for a Happy Home!

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1.  Big Foot (from Family Fun) – Crumple pieces of newspaper and stuff them into the toes of Daddy’s shoes.  He will be pretty surprised when he discovers his shoes are suddenly too small!

2.  Autocorrect Madness (from Family Fun) – Sneak onto someone’s computer.  Open up Microsoft Word and find the Autocorrect feature.  “Correct” a commonly used word, like ‘the’ or ‘and’, so that it will automatically say “April Fool’s!”

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3.  Chip in the Teapot (from Family Fun) – Find a giant potato chip and place it in your mother’s favorite teapot.  Go find her and tell her that you put a big chip in her favorite teapot!  She will probably get pretty worried until she finds a little snack instead!

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4.  Arctic Cereal (from Nobody But Yourself) – The night before April Fool’s Day, pour milk over half a bowl of cereal and place it in the freezer.  In the morning, add a covering of more cereal and milk.  When your Happy Buddies sit down to eat, they will find it pretty ‘hard’ to get a spoonful!  Other ideas with cereal – switch all the cereal into different boxes (like put the Cheerios in the Froot Loops, etc.), or fill cereal boxes with something other than cereal (like rocks). :-)

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5.  Rearrange – Switch your Happy Hubby or Happy Buddy’s drawers around so that his socks are down where his pants are and vice versa.

6.  Car Switch (from Roots and Wings) – The gal behind the blog Roots and Wings enjoys pulling the same prank on her Happy Hubby every year.  She drives to his work and parks a few parking spots away from where her husband’s car is parked.  Then, she drives his vehicle home.  That way when he finishes work for the day and goes out to his car, it’s gone and instead a few spaces away is her car.  Leaves a person confused I would imagine!  He does have keys for both vehicles on him, so it’s not a mean prank leaving him stranded.  He does always end up calling her, a little shocked, before he realizes what happened.

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7.  Parking Violation (From Love Actually Blog) – I LOVE this one (and if you haven’t visited the Love Actually blog before, you MUST!  So many AMAZING ideas to romance your Happy Hubby!)  Cover a regular sized envelope with a piece of orange cardstock (print the words right on the cardstock and cut out to envelope size).  If your spouse drives to work, make a visit to the lot where he parks his car (best case scenario: about an hour before he gets off work).  Place the ticket under the wiper or in the gap of the driver’s side window.  He may have a second or two of anxiety until he realizes what’s inside, a love note saying how “I’m a fool for you!”

Family Fun actually has a great Free Printable Parking Violation Ticket that you can fill-in-the-blanks and print!  It’s quite official looking!  Go HERE.

Click Image for lots more Food Prank Recipes

8.  Food Fun – You have to see all of the clever ways Family Fun has come up with to trick your family with food.  Your Happy Home will think they are eating one thing, but it turns out to be another!  Go HERE for lots and lots of sneaky Food Pranks!

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9.  Short Sheet – When I was growing up and we lived near my Uncle David, every time we would visit him, my mom would sneak into his room and short sheet his bed.  Even after he got married!  I always thought it was the funniest thing!  Go HERE for How to Short Sheet a Bed.

10.  Tip Junkie – The INCREDIBLE Tip Junkie has come up with a ridiculously fabulous post that has like a gazillion super amazing April Fool’s Day ideas with pictures that will make you chuckle!

Happy April Fool-ing! :-)

3 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day Fun

  1. Oh, I haven’t thought about short sheeting in YEARS! (Probably because I haven’t *been* short sheeted in years.) Thanks for the smile and all the great ideas! :>)

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