Guest Room Makeover Part 2

A few days ago I posted about our ‘Slime’ room that I had the best time decorating on a budget!

Today I wanted to share how we changed that slime madness into a peaceful and restful nursery for the Happy Buddy.

Talk about a transformation!

The Lord sent us an amazing interior designer and family friend, Sue, who gave her time and talents to us as a gift to help us make our little guy’s bedroom a place where he’d feel loved.

First I want to show you what we hung over the door to his room…Isn’t that precious?

The Happy Buddy was definitely an answer to lots and lots of prayer (you can read about that HERE).

What do you think?  A little easier on the eyes, that’s for sure. :-)

We painted the walls with different toned blue stripes and then had one brown accent wall.

I am not even kidding when I tell you that one of my 2nd graders’ mom at the time of my pregnancy was going through her things and donated the changing table and crib to us!  I nearly went bonkers when I found out she had gotten them from Pottery Barn!  What a blessing to inherit such beautiful pieces!

Here’s another neat story – that chair literally showed up on our porch one day, totally out of the blue.  I had been praying for a rocker, but we couldn’t find one that was in a good price range.  Then that beauty arrived!  God cares about the details, my friends!

I found that cute Noah’s Ark painting dirt cheap at Homegoods.  That store is such a treasure trove of wonderment!

The Happy Hubby painted that saved-from-the-trash dresser and mirror from black to white.

It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do!!!

*Note the magic fairy wand poking out of the piggy bank.  Every little boy needs a magic fairy wand in his room.  Teehee! :-)*

Had to use some vinyl lettering above the window.  I couldn’t have said it better!

And the wonderful Sue helped the Happy Hubby put up crown molding!  My dream come true!  Only the best for our little ones, right? :-)

There’s that yummy crib!  I often want to hop in there myself!

The Happy Buddy’s Aunt Tina made all of those cute bears!

I had to keep my plates!  I thought this arrangement over the changing table came out so cute.

And please forgive my horrible photography.  Beautiful pictures is one thing you will not find on this blog!  While the creative ideas are overflowing, the photography skills are not!

I love this giant toy bag I picked up from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child with a gift certificate.

And what room would be complete without a bunch of painted hidden Mickeys??  (My friend painted these for us – there are 5 total!)

I think he likes his room.

Thanks for being a part of our decorating journey! :-)

5 thoughts on “Guest Room Makeover Part 2

  1. This is a very sweet nursery. How AWESOME that you got that PB crib, changing table, AND the rocker by someone else’s generous passing on of gifts! I got a breast pump for my third that way, the GOOD kind. Blew me over!

    Love how your little one’s room came out : )

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