Happy St. Patrick’s Day Happy Home Friends!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Happy Home Friends!!!

I hope that today is simply magical as you share in the celebration of all things green and Irish. :-)

No new ideas today – but I did want to share a new Fairy Thought I’ve been pondering amidst all the leprechaun and pot of gold fun.

With every holiday that comes our way, I want to always somehow bring it back to Jesus for my Happy Buddy.

It’s not easy with all those leprechauns running around to remember to keep things Christ-centered. :-)

One way to do that for St. Patrick’s Day is to share with your Happy Home the real story of St. Patrick and his mission to spread the gospel in Ireland.  It’s ridiculously inspiring!

And another way to point your Happy Buddies to the Lord today is to lift them up with this important truth:

Leprechauns love their pots of gold – you might even say it’s their most treasured possession!

Did you know that YOU are GOD’S most treasured possession?

Check out Deuteronomy 7:6…

“For you are a people holy to the LORD your God. The LORD your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth to be his people, his treasured possession.”

I have the ultimate privilege of serving at our church as the Associate Kid’s Ministry Director.

One of my jobs is to design and implement monthly bulletin boards in the hallway of the kid’s wing.

I was so inspired by the idea that we are God’s treasured possession that it overflowed onto the bulletin board design for March!

I am quite pleased with how it turned out… :-)

What a glorious thought – to be God’s treasured possession – the very thing He guards, protects, provides for, loves on, encourages, forgives, accepts, cares about, sings over, delights in, and rejoices to know is His own.

I hope that you’ll bring this little thought to your dinner table tonight and let your Happy Home experience the wonder of being to God something so precious.

And I pray that you, dear Happy Home Mommies, will find a bit of encouragement from that verse as well.  Any time you start to feel lonely, discouraged, sad, unappreciated, overwhelmed, or ridden with the ever dreaded “Mom-Guilt”, take hold of the knowledge that YOU are indeed His most treasured possession and find your joy and contentment in that.

You all mean the world to me!

Thank you for supporting Happy Home Fairy!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!! :-)

5 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day Happy Home Friends!

  1. What a beautiful reminder, Thank You! Your bulletin board looks great. Thanks for all of your fun and inspiring ideas!

  2. I did almost ALL of your St Patty’s ideas with my son (aka happy buddy) the past couple weeks, and my home has never been more happy and magical!!! I even threw a little play-date party today with some friends, and they LOVED IT! My son’s friend told me (totally on his own) as he was leaving, “Thanks so much Mrs. Cyndi for the treasure hunt, it so much fun!” That really meant the world to me…and your site has meant the world to me!!!

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