Leprechaun Tricks

Usually when Leprechauns visit someone’s Happy Home, they like to leave their mark with a wee bit o’ trickery.

Here are some things that these sneaky little men have been known to do…

  • Sprinkle green glitter everywhere to mark their path
  • Turn things upside down and topsy-turvy (turn over chairs, flip picture frames over, reverse couch/chair cushions, dump out a drawer and its contents, etc.)
  • Leave doors and cabinets open
  • Unravel toilet paper
  • Switch every day items (put shoes in the fridge and the milk by the door)
  • Leave bits of their green clothing (felt) stuck in the windows and doors because they sometimes get stuck as they hurry away!!
  • Leave green footprints – directions HERE
  • Steal all of the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms (I am not kidding, this happened to one of my Happy Home friends!)
  • Turn the toilet water green (inspired by 24/7MOMs)
  • Turn milk and other foods green – go HERE for a complete list of green-themed food
  • Turn your plain cupcakes into rainbow cupcakes – directions HERE
  • Leave a few green streaks in Mom’s hair (using green washable spray hair coloring)!

You can find even MORE fabulous Leprechaun Tricks at THIS POST (there are lots of great pictures to help you understand just how mischievous these little guys are!).

Another cute idea that I found over at Secrets of a Super Mommy is to have the Leprechauns leave treasures in your Happy Buddies’ shoes!  Leprechauns are shoemakers, you know, and they seem to really have a fetish for them!

Click Image for Instructions

Here are some fun GREEN treasures your Happy Buddies might find in their shoes…

  • Green shampoo
  • Green soap
  • Green Dollar Store items
  • Green candy or gum
  • Green juice boxes
  • Green glow sticks
  • Green T-Shirt
  • Green balloons
  • Green shamrocks
  • Green headband
  • Green lipstick
  • Green stuffed toy
  • Gold coins
  • Skittles

Don’t forget to set your Leprechaun Traps out, too.  Maybe you will catch one BEFORE they wreck everything. :-)

Happy Leprechaun Trick-ing! :-)

5 thoughts on “Leprechaun Tricks

  1. i m glad that i found your blog because i love to doing something fun with my kids :) one thing i want ask your opinions. should i doing leprechaun trick tmw morning or wait after school my kids come home?

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