A St. Patrick’s Day Party!

When I was teaching, I always hosted a Gingerbread House Making Party at our Happy Home for the moms and daughters in my class.

Well, the boys kind of had a revolt about that.

They demanded that I invite them over for a Mommy/Son party.

So, I decided to throw them a St. Patrick’s Day Festival!

It was SOOOOO much fun.

That’s me (with our lil’ leprechaun in my tummy at the time) and some of my 2nd grade boys!

Everyone had to wear green, of course.

I fixed everyone a Lucky Lime Drink.  Yum. :-)

And we ate all manner of green foods and green sugary goodness.

Oh, those silly boys!

They are using this delicious recipe for M&M treats (I only used the green M&Ms) as their eyeball disguises.

I set out all of the supplies needed to make Leprechaun Traps and everyone got to work!

This creative dude is awfully proud of his trap!

Then we headed outside…

For a gold coin treasure hunt!

**The Happy Hubby wanted me to ask you all for forgiveness about the condition of our lawn at the time. :-)**

We also had a Pot of Gold Coin Toss.  The boys were rewarded with some sort of green treasure (I can’t remember exactly what) if they got their coin in the pot.

I am such a sneaky little leprechaun!

Everyone got to take home their Leprechaun Traps and a small box of Lucky Charms to use as bait.

I think everyone had a fun time!

Guess that’s what happens when you eat too much green stuff.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Party-ing! :-)

3 thoughts on “A St. Patrick’s Day Party!

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  2. What a FANTASTIC idea for a party! Make your own Leprechaun traps? Genius! We always make one together as a family, but how fun to have friends over to share the fun! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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