Magic Leprechaun Dust

This is such a magical idea!!

Isn’t it fun to see things magically transform before your eyes???

Baby Got Craft filled some empty baby food jars with Magic Leprechaun Dust (Pistachio Instant Jello Pudding powder), added a secret ingredient (milk) and gave them out to her son’s class.

The whole class danced around to Irish music while shaking their jars and low and behold…

You MUST visit her site to find out how Magic Leprechaun Dust works!!!

What a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a SURPRISE!

Click Image for Instructions

Oopsey Daisy also has a cute idea for Leprechaun Pie – this time, though, the surprise is a chocolate gold covered coin at the bottom!

Click Image for Instructions

Is anyone else getting giddy at the sight of such green sugary glory?!?

I sure hope you’ll stop by these talented Happy Home sites and be inspired!

Happy Green Pudding-ing! :-)

One thought on “Magic Leprechaun Dust

  1. Dear Happy Home Fairy, do you have any breakfast/brunch ideas? I’m going to a St. Patty’s brunch next weekend and I’ve thought about green eggs or something but I’m not sure I could eat them! :o)
    Also, Jay was looking at something in my email the other day and he asked me if I was excited to have a Happy Buddy. ;o) I said YES I can’t WAIT!!

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