Snow Fun Winter Printables

January can be a pretty boring slow month after all the Christmas festivities.

Some great ways to help keep your Homes Happy over the next few weeks of winter are to print out these awesome games I found from around the Internet-sphere-of-wonder!

Let me just say, there are snow many AMAZING and CREATIVE people out there to whom I am so grateful!

Here are a few of my favorite Winter-themed printable games…

Melt An Ice Cube Game


Click Image for Printable

This game from Little Giraffes is HILARIOUS.  Play it around the table after dinner one night and your kids will be in an icy heaven!

Roll-a-Snowman Game

Click Image for Printable

Another wonderful game from Little Giraffes!  This game simply requires a sheet of paper and dice.  You will have fun building your snowmen with each roll you make!

Snowflake Matching Game

Click Image for Link to Printable

I am LOVING this sweet little snowflake matching game printable from Confessions of a Homeschooler!  Click the link to go to her post that has lots and lots of other neat Winter games for kids – scroll down a bit to get the snowflake game!  You will just love her site, too!  This mom is UNBELIEVABLY gifted!  She has 4 amazing kids and is constantly coming up with creative ways to teach them – AND she is super generous in sharing them all with other Happy Homes!

Build Your Own Snowman

Click Image for Printable


First School is always cooking up something magical for our Happy Homes!  This printable snowman is too cute!  I thought it’d be fun to print out the pieces, laminate them, stick a magnet to the back and TADA!  A fun interactive creation for your fridge!  It could even be a behavior management technique this month – every time your child does something you want to celebrate, let them add a piece to their snowman.  When it’s all put together, go get ice cream! :-)

I hope you have SNOW much fun with these printables!  Make sure to visit the sites and show them some love in appreciation for all that they’ve done to bring magic to your Happy Homes!

Happy Snow Fun Winter Printable-ing! :-)


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