New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags

I think this idea that I found over at Family Fun is AMAZING!

Gather up about 6 bags.

Label each bag with an hour leading up to midnight, starting with 7 o’clock.

Label one bag with 11:55 pm.

Fill each bag with something fun!

Every hour until midnight the kids get to open a bag and celebrate what is inside!  Isn’t that fun?!?  And boy, will it help pass the time!

Bag Filler Ideas –

  • Treats! Pop Rocks, Giant Lollipops, a slip of paper that tells the kids they can decorate their own cupcakes, etc.
  • Printables! Print out a few activity sheets from HERE and have fun decorating your house with the completed projects!
  • Disposable Cameras! Give each kid a disposable camera and let them take pictures of anything and everything to celebrate their final hours of 2010.
  • Craft Kits! Grab some inexpensive Craft Kits from your local craft store for your kids to put together.  Or head on over to Kaboose for some super easy and fun New Year’s craft projects!
  • New Movie! Slip a new DVD in one of the bags for your family to watch together.  Don’t forget to include a bag of popcorn!
  • Puzzles! Put together some simple puzzles as a family (they totally have these at the Dollar Tree – I am a big fan).
  • Noisemakers and Confetti! I’d save the noisemakers and mess for that 11:55 pm bag! :-)  Check out my post about 4 Fabulous Ways to Make Noise for the New Year!

Happy New Year’s Eve Countdown Bag-ing!

12 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Countdown Bags

  1. I LOVE this idea! My husband and I are going to a wedding on New Year’s Eve, but I might do this to leave for the kids and babysitter. My kids will never make it to midnight, but they will still have fun with this.

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