Reindeer Fun and FREE Printable Magic Reindeer Food Tag!

Q.  How does Rudolph know when Christmas is coming?

A.  He looks at his calen-DEER! :-)

I love reindeer!

And it just so happens that there are so many magical ideas to have Reindeer Fun with your Happy Homes this Christmas season!

Here are some of my favorite…

1.  Instead of writing your Happy Buddy’s names on their presents, pick a reindeer name for each child and write that on the tag instead!  For example, Suzy’s presents will have tags that say Prancer and John’s presents will have tags that say Dasher.  That way, as you place their presents under the tree, they will not know whose present is whose!  Isn’t that fun??  Do it for your Happy Hubby too!

Find out how to make this cute thumbprint reindeer tag by visiting The Muffin Tin Mom! Click the picture!

2.  Why not surprise your Happy Buddies with these cute sandwiches for lunch this week??  The amazing Mom over at Superheroes and Princesses came up with this great idea!

3.  I love this cute little ornament!  So simple to make and your Happy Home probably has all of the supplies tucked away somewhere!  A great Christmas project to do this afternoon!

4.  And, of course, there’s always the awesome tradition of sprinkling Magic Reindeer Food on your front lawn Christmas Eve!  Just mix together some rolled oats and sugar sprinkles and take care of those reindeer!  I even made a cute tag to print and use with your Magic Reindeer Food!  Click, print and enjoy!

I even know a Happy Home who reported to me that they sprinkled Magic Reindeer on their front lawn Christmas Eve and in the morning there was reindeer POOP all over the place!  Apparently the reindeer poop looked a lot like Cocoa Puffs cereal!  What a way to express their gratitude! :-)

Happy Reindeer Activity-ing! :-)

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