How to Have a Christ-Centered Christmas

With all the shopping and decorating and partying and churching and serving and wrapping and caroling and carding…  the Reason for the Season is often forgotten.

Last year the Happy Hubby literally had to get me out of the fetal position on the floor because I was so overwhelmed by Christmas “expectations”!!!

I encourage you to stop the madness this year!

When you make plans for your Happy Home during the rest of December try to focus on these two things…

  1. Do things that celebrate Christ.
  2. Do things that share His love.

Need some ideas?  I’ve got a sleigh-full!

Here are some of my favorite Traditions that keep the Christ in Christmas…

1.  Make a Birthday cake for Jesus and sing to Him before you open presents on Christmas morning.  I found the coolest Happy Birthday Jesus Cake recipe that actually tells the gospel!  Click HERE for the directions as well as lots of fun activity ideas for a Happy Birthday Jesus party!

2.  As a family, bake, make, or buy a special gift for your pastor and his family.  Maybe even offer to take them dinner one night as this month is a super busy one for Happy Homes in ministry.  I did this the other day for our pastor and let-me-tell-you – it is one of my favorite Christmas memories so far this year!

3.  Create an atmosphere of expectancy with your family by setting out a Nativity scene but leaving the manger empty.  Say, “Jesus is not here yet, but boy, is He coming!”  Let your kids put the baby in the manger on Christmas morning!  *Read about other fun Nativity ideas HERE.

4.  Instead of making a gingerbread house, make a gingerbread Nativity scene or a gingerbread church!  My friend has a Happy Birthday Jesus party every year with her Happy Home and they build gingerbread Nativities.  She says it’s one of her family’s most treasured traditions!

5.  Attend a Christmas Eve service as a family and get all dressed up!  Sing the carols extra loud!

6.  Light candles at the dinner table, turn the lights down low and read the Christmas story from Luke 2.  Or use my FREE printable Bible Verse Advent Cards!

7.  Have a “Silent Night” at home – turn off the cell phones, computers, and all technology that begins with the letter I.  Play some board games as a family, drink hot apple cider, and use these fantastic FREE printable Christmas Conversation Cards to inspire a night of laughter and Christmas joy!

8.  Place all of your Christmas cards in a basket in the center of your dinner table.  Each night in December, select and read a card.  Then join hands as a family and pray for the family or individual who sent you the greeting.

9.  Pass out candy canes to people with the story of the candy cane attached.  *CLICK HERE for some FREE TAGS you can print and use to attach to your candy canes!  This is a wonderful witnessing tool!

10.  Have a sleepover under the tree!  Gather the whole family around, bundle up in sleeping bags, and enjoy a night under the twinkling lights!  Tell your kids that the blessings God gives outnumber the amount of lights on the tree.  Then try to name as many blessings as you can think!

11.  I am in LOVE with this The 3 Gifts of Christmas idea I found over at 24/7 Moms!  I love it because it keeps Christ at the center of gift-giving!  Read about this one gal’s AMAZING Happy Home tradition HERE!

11.  Hang up a stocking for Jesus.  Put your Birthday Cards for Him in it or jot down notes of gifts you might give Him for Christmas.  Your gifts are things you will do for the Savior.  Like, “Pray more,” or, “Share the gospel with a friend.”

12.  Hold hands around your Christmas tree as a family and pray before opening presents.  Give thanks to the One who gave the greatest Gift of all!

13.  Cuddle with your kids in bed.  Snuggle them close and sing “Silent Night” or “Away In a Manger” as they drift off to sleep.


May the Lord fill your Happy Homes with His Christmas magic this season as you celebrate the Savior’s birth!

And, as always, I’d love to hear how your Happy Homes keep the Christ in Christmas!

Happy Christ-Centered Christmas-ing! :-)

8 thoughts on “How to Have a Christ-Centered Christmas

  1. Has anyone told you that you should totally write a book? Seriously, your blog has been such a blessing seeing the daily fun images and joy and ideas…which I am so excited to implement when I get back to the states but whatever I can do here…I’ve been doing :):):)

  2. Great ideas sister! So important to keep things in perspective during this season. I just made up some tags to go with the candy canes we’re giving to our MOPS Mamas next week. Such a fun conversation starter. I can’t wait to see yours though! Keep the great ideas coming. Hannah is loving the advent cards. :)

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  6. I love all your amazing ideas and also that you pass everything on, the Lord has blessed you with a super creative mind and a generous heart. Thank you, may the Lord bless you richly this Christmas 2014. Keren from little old England!

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