Quick and Easy Christmas Crafts!

I love doing crafts, but I have two very important Craft Conditions!

1.  Must be CHEAP.

2.  Must be QUICK.

So without further ado…  Here are my favorite Christmas Crafts – Happy Home Fairy APPROVED!

Hands and Feet Reindeer!

It’s an oldie, but a goodie!  Simply trace your child’s foot and hands onto brown paper.  Cut out and glue together.  Add some ears, eyes and red pompom nose and tada!  Click the image to go to the Amazing Moms site for more detailed instructions! :-)

Paper Plate Wreath!

Found this super simple wonder-ment over at the Rhyme Time blog!  Of course I was drawn to it because it is covered in GLITTER!

Maybe that should be my third Craft Condition…

3.  Must be made with LOTS and LOTS of Glitter!

Click the picture for instructions on how to make your own beautiful Paper Plate Wreath, as well as a whole bunch of other cute toddler-friendly Christmas crafts!

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees!

I am salivating over these Christmas trees from the Hungry Housewife!

She just used ice cream cones turned upside down and covered with green icing.  Decorate with candy “ornaments!”

What a simple and delicious way to create a magical memory with your Happy Buddies!

Grocery Bag Gingerbread Men!

I used to do this craft with my 2nd graders during my teaching days!

They always came out super cute and the kids thought it was fun that they got to decorate a whole string of Gingerbread people however they wanted!

Just click the image for the simple directions and go start your Craft-ing Magic!

Happy Christmas Craft-ing! :-)

3 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Christmas Crafts!

  1. Hi, me again :-) Still loving these ideas!

    I made the hands/feet reindeer this year for my daughter’s aunts/uncles/grandparents. I used foam and did two feet, with the hand-antlers sandwiched between them. On one side, I made the face with google-eyes and a red pom-pom nose, and on the other side, I cut out a frame and put a small (the less-than-wallet-size, 1.5″x2″ maybe?) print of her photo with Santa, and used a super-fine Sharpie to write her name, the year, and this kind of dorky poem:

    My hands and feet are small, I know
    But it won’t be long before I grow
    So I’m giving you this little deer
    To show how big I was this year!

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