Christmas Fun Cards – FREE PRINTABLES!

The dinner table is where families have the opportunity to build strong and loving connections with each other.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I was thinking how I’d really like to help your Happy Homes preserve that special time, as well as provide opportunities to point your homes toward Christ, so I created some special cards for you to use around the dinner table during the month of December!!!

There are 3 sets of cards – make sure you click them all, save them to your computer, then print (I am sorry that these are not available in a PDF yet!).

The first are the Christmas Crack-Up Cards (these will get you laughing).

Then there are the Christmas Care Cards (to encourage your family to give to others, as God gave to us at Christmas, – you can do the activities after dinner or discuss as a family a good time when they can be completed).

And finally there are the Christmas Conversation Cards (fun and thought-provoking questions about Christmas).

Just print, cut out, throw in a special Christmas jar kept on your table, and be blessed as your Happy Home makes some Happy Memories the whole month long!

And don’t forget to write me a comment and let me know how your Happy Homes liked them! Xoxo

Happy Christmas Fun Cards-ing! :-)

8 thoughts on “Christmas Fun Cards – FREE PRINTABLES!

  1. I just wanted to say that I LOVE your website, and i so appreciate all your creative ideas and thoughts. I have three sons ages 24, 18, and 16; I so wish I had this resource when they were younger! Although, I work with chilren at our church, so I’m putting all your wonderful creativity to good use! Thank you SO much, and God bless you and your “Happy” family!!

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  4. I just LOVE these conversation cards…I printed out the Thanksgiving ones on card stock and just laminated them for use year after year. I am having a hard time printing the Christmas ones, when I click on each one, they do not fit properly on a 8.5×11 paper. The Thanksgiving and 4th of July conversation cards pop up differently when you click print. Very creative and wonder ideas, thank so much for sharing!

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