Pastor Appreciation Month Ideas

Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month?

As the wife of a Worship Pastor, I am daily aware of the amount of time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears my man pours into his calling.  Many people assume that the role of the Worship Pastor is quite simple.  Just pick out some songs and teach them to the band, right?  Oh dear, that is not even close!  :-)

I have been with my hubby through sleepless nights (praying for a troubled worship team member), spur of the moment crises where he must drop everything (even if it’s in the wee hours of the morning) to meet with someone in need, as well as watch him labor for hours over the planning for a Sunday service so that every aspect is pleasing to the Lord.

One word that comes to mind about my hubby’s service to our church is – faithful.  He never fails to honor the staff, team, and congregation that God has entrusted to his care.  He is discerning, wise, and loyal and will do whatever it takes to educate and inspire the church about the beauty of our “Singing Savior.”  And this often means abandoning his own comfort in exchange for selfless service to God’s people.

The life of a pastor is not an easy one, my friends.  They need our encouragement, support, and unfailing prayers! May we take some time this week to honor our pastors – whether it be a lead pastor, executive pastor, associate pastor, worship pastor, youth pastor, kid’s pastor… whomever!  Gather as a family, pick one of the ideas below, and put your plan into action.

The Happy Home Fairy’s TOP 10 Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Month!

10.  Send a Card (my favorite!!!!) – Sit down as a family after dinner tonight with a stack of Thank You cards, paper, and crayons.  Have each member create a card for your pastor.  Write how they have touched/changed your life.  Maybe a specific sermon you remember, or a deed they performed that blessed you.  These words will be treasured.

9.  Make a Meal – Call up your pastor or pastor’s wife and arrange to bring them a meal one night this week.  Go a step further and find out what their favorite meal is.  Yum!

8.  Special Delivery – Drop some donuts off at your pastor’s office one morning this week!  Or a jar of mixed nuts with a note that says, “Just to remind you of your congregation that loves you!”  Haha! :-)  Or see my Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas here and modify for your pastor.

7.  Gift Certificate – Find out where your pastor likes to shop and purchase a small gift card for him.  Or a gift certificate to a local Christian Bookstore would be great, too.

6.  Make a Banner – Have your kids design and decorate a banner for your pastor.  Drive over to the church one day this week and hang it on his office door!  Add balloons and crepe paper for extra magic.

5.  Acts of Kindness – Wash your pastor’s car, mow his lawn, or offer to babysit for his kids so that he and the wife can have a date.

4.  Homemade Treat – Find out what homemade goody your pastor enjoys and then bake it for him.

3.  Send Flowers – This is a sweet idea for the pastor’s wife.  I know for a fact that my pastor’s wife labors more in prayer and time and energy over our congregation more than anyone!  Send a little ‘happy’ her way.

2.  Motivate Others – Call a friend up RIGHT NOW and tell them about your plans for Pastor Appreciation Month.  Encourage them to do something too!  Just imagine if you could get every family in the church to make a card for the pastor.

And the Number 1 way to bless your pastor is…

1.  Pray for him.  :-)  Every day.

Thank You with M&M'sThere are so many other ways to show appreciation – I even read about someone who got a dozen helium-filled balloons, attached notes to the weights at the bottom of each balloon that said “I appreciate my pastor and his wife because…”, and then lined the balloons up the walkway of his pastor’s home.  LOVE IT!

Or sneak into this office and spell out the words “Thank you” with M&M’s on his desk.

Be creative and have fun knowing that you are strengthening him in his service to the Lord!

Happy Pastor Appreciat-ing! :-)

4 thoughts on “Pastor Appreciation Month Ideas

  1. Then are great ideas!! Tomorrow we are celebrating Pastor appreciation a whole service to him and his wife!! Love them both!!

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  3. As the fellow wife of a pastor, I can say that my words of affirmation husband soars when someone writes something specific about how the ministry he does personally affected them. Thank you’s are great but mentioning something personal and specific is so appreciated. Thanks for all these great suggestions Julie!


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