Apple Extravaganza – Day 3!

Today is SUPER special because not only is it Day 3 of our Apple Extravaganza, but also it is the first official day of Fall!  I am not even kidding about this!  It’s here!  The season of all fabulous things like pumpkins and pies and hayrides and leaves and of course… apples!  So call up a friend today and tell them, “Happy First Day of Fall!”  I did this to my husband this morning and he loved it!

Our Apple Activity today is really neat because it will teach your kids about how God created the apple tree AND it’s absolutely DELICIOUS!

Materials Needed (per child) –

  • 1 Ritz cracker
  • 1/2 of a Graham Cracker square
  • White icing
  • Green food coloring
  • Mini red M&Ms

Day 3 Apple Activity –The Seasons of the Apple Tree

Step 1 – Download and print out this amazing FREE Apple coloring book that will help teach your kids about the seasons of an apple tree!  There’s even an awesome certificate that you fill out and give to your child in celebration of their learning about apples!  I LOVE IT!!!!

Step 2 – Put 1 Ritz Cracker on a plate.  Put the Graham Cracker piece below it (see picture).  This is your tree.  Explain to your child that from the months of December thru March this is what the apple tree looks like – no leaves, no flowers, and no apples.  During the winter months the apple trees are resting and storing up energy to make apples in the fall.

Step 3 – Spread green icing on Ritz Cracker.  I dotted mine with some pink sprinkles to make it look like my tree had flowers.  Explain to your child that in the spring the apple tree is waking up and flowers start to bloom.  The bees love to come and smell the sweet blossoms on the apple tree!  They pollinate the flowers so that the apples can start to grow.

Step 4 – Remove the pink sprinkles and put a few mini red M&Ms on the green icing.  Explain that through the summer months apples begin to grow.

Step 5 – Cover your tree with more apples and a few tumbling down from the tree because in the months of fall (September-November), the apples are ready to be picked and eaten by hungry little kids like yours!  :-)  (Or made into delicious recipes like homemade applesauce – stop by tomorrow for the recipe!!!!  Soooo easy and will fill your home with the most UNBELIEVABLE smell!)

Step 6 – Eat your apple tree!

Noah and I had so much fun learning about apple trees!  His favorite part was getting to chow down on it!

The funny thing, though, was that Noah apparently only likes to eat tree trunks…

Apple Activity at Dinner –

Cut out a a “worm” from brown paper.  Hide it under someone’s plate at dinner.  Place an apple with a hole in it on the dinner table.  While you’re eating together as a family, tell the kids that there’s a hole in the apple so there must be a worm!  Maybe it escaped!  Have them look around their place settings for the missing worm.  Whoever finds it gets to hide it again while the rest of the family covers their eyes.  Keep playing until everyone has hidden the worm.  :-)

Apple Joke –

Q. What reads and lives in an apple?

A. A bookworm!

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