Easy End of Year Teacher Gift – FREE Printable!

end of year teacher gift - $3.99 BAM.jpg

 I recently asked my Facebook fans what their favorite, affordable mascara was.

This Maybelline mascara was by far the most mentioned!

And it is only $3.99!!!!

As I pondered an easy and inexpensive End of Year Teacher Gift, I thought who doesn’t love getting new make-up?

end of year teacher gift - $3.99 BAM!.jpgend of year teacher gift - $3.99 BAM!!.jpgSo I put together this little card with a silly pun and bought new Maybelline mascaras for all the boys’ teachers.


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Happy End of Year Teacher Gift-ing!

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Adorable Teacher Appreciation Door Idea

teacher door 1.jpg

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

After church today a friend and I got to work on the Happy Baby’s classroom door.

You know I am a bit passionate about the movie Frozen.

And that Olaf is just so endearing.  Adults Kids love him.

So we went with it. :-)teacher door 3.jpgteacher door 4.jpgteacher door 2.jpg

A simple ribbon border, coffee filter snowflakes, and a hand-drawn Olaf – boom.

Super adorable.

We think the teachers will like it.

Meanwhile my children were getting into all manner of shenanigans in the hallway while we were busy creating.

The Happy Baby has a giant scratch down the side of his face that we are still unsure of its origin.


teacher door 5.jpgAre you doing anything for your teachers this week?

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Door Decorate-ing!

10 Ways to Bless Your Child’s Teacher

The Happy Buddy’s classroom is straight across the hall from my classroom.

His teacher lets me pop in and give him a snuggle whenever I need one.

Already we have been so blessed by her faithfulness to provide a loving, nurturing and Christ-centered environment for our boy!

It’s so important to establish a positive relationship with your child’s teacher.  Not just because they invest a whole heaping ton of their lives in our kids, but also because when we are confident in the teacher, our children will be as well.

And that makes for the foundation of a great school year.

Here are some little ways you and your Happy Buddy can bring a little joy into their teacher’s life in the coming months…BLESS THE TEACHER

Happy Blessing Your Teacher-ing! :-)

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Gift Card Bouquet for the Teacher

Gift Card Bouquet for the Teacher at happyhomefairy.com

I saw this idea over at Family Fun a few years ago and have always had the itch to make one myself!

As I mentioned HERE, teachers really love getting gift cards more than anything else (especially more than crayon monograms or mugs).  If you don’t believe me, you should check out THIS POST – it’s pretty hilarious. :-)

teacher gift3I emailed all of the mommies in the Happy Buddy’s preschool class and asked if they could send in 2 gift cards of any amount (1 for the teacher and 1 for the teacher’s assistant.  They happen to be a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law duo so they share the same name!).  I gave them some suggestions of our teachers’ favorite places – restaurants, stores, etc. – in case they wanted to cater the gift cards to their personal tastes.

I also printed these cute flowers (from HERE – found under the May 2013 issue) and sent them home with the students to decorate.

teacher gift2Once the gift cards and flowers were returned, I set to work!

I painted 2 terra cotta pots that I picked up at JoAnn’s in a pretty blue.

After they dried, my super awesome friend who has a Silhouette machine helped me add the teachers’ names and some adorable little polka dots.  Good gracious, do any of y’all own a Silhouette machine???  Oh my word, my life has changed!!!

teacher gift4A little ribbon around the top of the pot was just what we needed for a little extra pop!

I stuck a styrofoam ball in the pot, drizzled hot glue on top and then covered it with leftover Easter grass.

teacher gift5For the flowers, I stuck them to lollipop sticks (cut to different lengths) and added the gift cards with tape.

teacher gift6I think that’s it!

It was really easy once I had all the pieces that I needed to put it together.teacher gift1

If you have time, this is a really great gift idea that is SURE to be a winner with your Happy Buddy’s teacher.

Happy Gift Card Bouquet-ing! :-)

Cute Teacher Appreciation Door Idea

teacher appreciation doorYesterday afternoon the Happy Hubby took the boys home after church so that I could have a few hours with a friend to decorate the Happy Buddy’s preschool teacher’s classroom door in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week going on right now.

There are mostly boys in the class, so we had to come up with something that would ring true in their little boy hearts.

What better 3-year-old boy theme than trains?

We had so much fun and it turned out so cute I thought I’d share it here in case you want to Pin It for future inspiration.teacher appreciation door1teacher appreciation door2teacher appreciation door3

Are you doing anything for your teachers this week?

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Door Decorate-ing! :-)

8 Great Teacher Appreciation Printables

8 great teacher appreciation printables at happyhomefairy.comWell, I know I said that the best gift you can get a teacher is a gift card.

But, man.  There are some seriously cute ideas out there.

And there are some seriously cute FREE Printables to go with those seriously cute (and easy and inexpensive!) ideas.

So I could not resist!  Here are 8 of my faves…

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Pop into your local grocery store for a small pot of flowers and stick in this cute tag from Landee See, Landee Do.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

I love everything that eighteen25 creates – especially these fun tags for hand soap.

What a useful gift!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

A girl can never have enough shoes or purses, right??

That is why this Tote-lly Terrific Tag to go with a cute new tote (lots of inexpensive bag options at Target!) from Uncommon Designs will be a fabulous choice.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

It’s easy and cheap (think Target Dollar Spot!) to put together a little package of notecards and pencils with this FREE Printable tag from Sweet Metel Moments.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

I have seen this saying before to go with a plate of cookies, but this design from Make Bake Celebrate is definitely my new favorite!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

You can never go wrong with the whole apple for the teacher theme.

This tag from Coton Colors Blog gives it a cute twist.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Throw some M&Ms in with some popcorn and this cute tag from domesticated lady and boom!  Insta teacher snack.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

And finally, a nail file, some polish and a cute tag from She’s {kinda} Crafty and your teacher will think you’ve really nailed Teacher Appreciation Week.

Which one are you going to do??

Happy Teacher Appreciation Free Printable-ing!

Easy Teacher Appreciation Idea – FREE Printable!

teacher appreciation idea at happyhomefairy.comThe Happy Buddy sure does love him some Dunkin’ Donut Munchkins!

I mean, who doesn’t?!

So I figured Munchkins would be a great little snack to put in the teacher’s lounge at the Happy Buddy’s preschool – in honor of all their hard work.

This idea is so easy – you just need to print the FREE Printable tag (see bottom of post) and then pick up a box of Munchkins.

Bam.  You’re all set.

The teachers will love you.

teacher munchkins5I printed this tag on thick paper so that I could fold it like a tent and stand it up next to the donuts.teacher munchkinsteacher munchkins4

teacher munchkins2

I brought these to the school workroom today and later as I headed back through the hall, I overheard a teacher say (after dropping her students off at the library), “I NEED A MUNCHKIN!”

Apparently they are excellent little stress-relievers. :-)

Get your FREE Printable Teacher Appreciation Munchkin Tag HERE.

Happy Munchkin Teacher Appreciate-ing!

Creative Ways to Give Teachers a Gift Card

creative ways to give a gift card

*Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6-10th.*

As much as we might want to score points as the coolest mom in the class by giving our Happy Buddies’ teachers handmade crayon monograms, 7-layer cakes, or pencil bouquets, the reality is that the best thing to get a teacher is…

A gift card.

I don’t like giving gift cards because there is nothing super glamorous about sticking one in an envelope and handing it over.

But when I saw how these amazing bloggers used giving gift cards as an opportunity to get creative, I had to share!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

With all those crazy hours (early morning conferences, late night grading sessions, endless hours of lesson planning…), teachers need their caffeine!

Love this easy and fun way to present a Starbucks gift card from Hi Sugarplum!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

I thought this FREE Printable Starbucks Cup Thank You Teacher Sleeve from Alphamom was way clever.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

The Happy Hubby prefers the taste of Dunkin’ Donuts‘ coffee, so maybe your teacher does as well.

This adorable FREE Printable from Sweet Metel Moments is just what you need.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Look how Just A Girl gussies up a bookstore gift card (with dollar bin items, I might add!).

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

You can make a Gift Card Snow Globe (it’s quite easy!) at The Creative Mama.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Tatertots and Jello came up with this happy way to give a gift card to Jamba Juice.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Anyone else a fan of Pei Wei?!

You can find this Asian-inspired gift card ensemble over at 71 toes.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

The Taylor House sure knows how to send a teacher to  the movies!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Look at this amazing iTunes Giftcard FREE Printable from Alphamom!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you.  That is a Candy Lei with Target Gift Card attached.

How. Awesome. Is. That.

Check out Whipperberry for the how-to.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Speaking of candy – wouldn’t it be to find a surprise gift card nestled into a jar of M&M’s??

Happy Clippings has this idea AND shares a FREE Printable Teacher M&M Poem (cutest poem EVER) to attach to the jar.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

If I was still teaching, and one of my students gave me a gift card to Target using this great FREE Printable from g*rated, they’d be getting some straight A’s on their next report card.

I’m just sayin’.

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

And, finally, I think these hilarious FREE Printables from Chickabug pretty much sum it all up!

You seriously can’t go wrong with any of these ideas.

I guarantee it!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Gift Card-ing! :-)

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Sunday School Teacher Gift Idea

This is Morgan.

She is the Happy Buddy’s Sunday School teacher.

She serves the 2 year old class every week – faithfully sharing Jesus (and changing diapers!).

She also happens to be the love of the Happy Buddy’s life. :-)

Several weeks ago I was putting the Happy Buddy to bed and I said, “I hope you have the BEST dreams tonight!”

He looked at me with this big goofy grin and said, “Hehe, I hope they’re of Morgan.”

And he’s only 2 years old!!  Good grief, people!  What am I going to do??

Our church gives the Sunday School teachers a break during the summer, so the Happy Buddy and I had to make something for his special lady.

This is what we came up with (inspiration HERE).

We simply used construction paper and crayons and a little bit of tape.

Then we attached a gift card for an ice cream store to the cone part.

It was the perfect little gift as we head into the hot summer months!

She loved it!

And I am not even kidding when I tell you that usually I have to bribe the Happy Buddy with M&M’s to get him to smile for a picture.

But not with Morgan. :-)

I hope this little idea helps you bless your Happy Buddy’s Sunday School teacher!  What a comfort to know that our children are in such loving hands.

Happy Sunday School Teacher Gift-ing! :-)

End of School Year Gift Ideas – Part 1

I cannot believe that the end of the school year is here!

Go out with a BANG using one of these simple End of School Year Gift Ideas for your Happy Buddy’s TEACHER

Click Image for Idea

Grab a cute notepad and attach this FREE Printable tag from Mommy By Day Crafter By Night for a sweet end of year surprise.

Click Image for Idea

Vintage Umbrella bought a package of highlighters and spiffed it up with happy ribbon and a cute saying.

Click Image for Idea

The Busy Budgeting Mama added the tag above to a movie theater gift card as a creative way to say thanks.I think this End of Year Candy Gram is A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

Click Image for Idea

What parent doesn’t have a million bags of goldfish crackers hanging around?

Package up a few handfuls and include this sweet note from Lauren McKinsey Designs.

Click Image for Idea

Or use this FREE Printable tag from The Hip Momma’s Journal to attach to a bag of cookies or even a jar of homemade!

Click Image for Idea

Click Image for Idea

Who doesn’t love getting a new pair of flip flops?

Go HERE for the cute FREE Printable.

Click Image for Idea

Another flip flop idea… Store and Style included a handmade card and a gift card for a pedicure.

Any teacher would love to get her toes done for summer shoe season.

Click Image for Idea

Do you remember the Teacher Survey I posted about at the beginning of the year?

You can use the answers you got from that to fill up a simple brown paper package like Counting Our Blessings.

I just looooove stuff like that – a whole bag full of favorite things!!!

Ooo, if I were to receive a bag like that it’d have the Happy Baby in it along with a hundred bags of chocolate granola.

And tickets to Disney because when life gets tough that’s the place I want to escape to! :-)

Click Image for Idea

Rachel Berry loaded her Happy Buddies’ teachers up with all of the ingredients for this quintessential summer treat.

Click Image for Idea

This Summer Relaxation Kit from The Lovely Cupboard couldn’t be more perfect!

Any teacher deserves a kit like this to help them kick back and enjoy the stress-free days of summer.

So easy and inexpensive to make – everything you see in the photo came from Wal-Mart!

Click Image for Idea

Finally, I say it all the time, but the BEST gift you can give a teacher is a handwritten note.

Lil’ Blue Boo makes it easy with this FREE Printable Fill-In-The-Blank Teacher Thank You Card.

Need some more End of School Year Teacher Gift Ideas?  Check out THIS FABULOUS ARTICLE featuring 10 perfect ideas that were created based on the feedback of actual teachers. :-)

Come back tomorrow for an awesome post revealing my favorite End of School Year Gift Ideas for your Happy Buddies to pass out to their friends!

Happy End of School Year Gift Idea-ing! :-)