Berry Sweet Ideas for May

The Happy Buddy and I were at the grocery store yesterday and as we were walking through the produce section, I almost got knocked over by the sweet smell of strawberries.

I grabbed 5 cartons of those beautiful, fat, juicy red fruits and then felt inspired to do a post featuring all things strawberry!

Here are the berry best ideas I found…

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With Teacher Appreciation Week starting on Monday, here is one more super cute FREE Printable and idea from eighteen25 using some fresh picked items from Bath and Body Works.

Psst!  This FREE Printable also has a version for moms for Mother’s Day!

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Speaking of Mother’s Day, here is a precious Strawberry Mother’s Day Card from All Kids Network that uses your Happy Buddy’s fingerprints as the strawberry seeds.

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Or transform your Happy Buddy’s handprint into a strawberry like this one from Meet the Dubiens.

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I love this Scented Button Strawberry from itmom because once you have painted the strawberry on white cardstock, you get to sprinkle strawberry Jell-O or Kool Aid powder on top!  Yum!

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This clever Strawberry Necklace from Parents is made from a WALNUT (how cool is that?!) and just two other supplies.

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Surprise your Happy Buddies after school this month with these cute Strawberry Mice Snacks from Family Fun.

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Have you ever tasted a Strawberry Pretzel Salad?

I made this a few months ago for our MOMs group at church and I had a flood of emails practically before the meeting was over begging me for the recipe (you can find it HERE)!

This is the perfect thing to carry to a Spring picnic or Summer BBQ.

OR check out this DELICIOUS Strawberry Trifle Recipe that  I made for my mom last Mother’s Day, as well as this addictive Strawberry Salad Recipe.

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I think y’all are BERRY sweet.

Happy Strawberry Idea-ing!