Pete the Cat

Our Happy Home has grown rather fond of a little feline friend named Pete the Cat.

Have you heard of this book????

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It’s all about this cool blue cat who loves his white shoes so much that he sings a song about them.

Then he steps in a pile of strawberries and his beloved white shoes turn red.

Does Pete cry?

Goodness, NO!

He just keeps walking along and singing his song.Pete the Cat has a bright outlook on life – and it never changes.Β  Even when he continues to step in a mountain of blueberries, a puddle of mud, and a bucket of water.

Pete the Cat teaches Happy Buddies how to stay positive even when unexpected things happen.

And I love that it is filled with repetition so that even my 2-year-old has pretty much memorized the whole story!

Not to mention we have watched this You Tube video (see below) of the author and illustrator reading Pete the Cat aloud to a live audience – complete with song and dramatic expression – about 12,568 times. :-)

Since Pete the Cat has become such an important part of our everyday lives lately, I thought the Happy Buddy and I could do some fun activities to celebrate him.I printed off this great Pete the Cat Matching Game from Harper Collins Children’s Books website.The Happy Buddy had fun trying to find all of the matching Pete the Cats!

*Note:Β  Do you see the disaster in the background???Β  This 1st trimester stuff is no joke.Β  I don’t think our Happy Home will see the couch or the floor or clean clothes/dishes again until October.*Then we made our own Pete the Cat out of construction paper.

He is modeling all of his different colored shoes.

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I am thinking about buying one of these Pete the Cat stuffed dolls for the Happy Buddy’s half birthday.

Yes, I celebrate any opportunity I can. :-)We finished our Morning of Pete off with a ‘Pin the Shoe on Pete’ game printed from here.The Happy Buddy kept asking if he could put one of the shoes on Pete’s eye.


I know Pete the Cat will be the purrrr-fect addition to your Happy Home (if he isn’t already).Happy Pete the Cat-ing! :-)