Leprechaun Trap Inspirations

I like to throw a bunch of seasonal books on the little table where the Happy Buddy eats.

Then, while we’re dining, I will read to him.

Quite honestly, this is the only place I can read to him because the table is the only place he is still for longer than a second.  Usually he is running around like a torpedo – thinking everything he touches is a drumstick or baseball bat.

This book is pretty much the ONLY book he wants to read every time we sit.

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It is a super cute story – written in the same manner as ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas – about two kids trying to catch a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day.

They build a whole bunch of Leprechaun Traps in order to do so.

If you aren’t familiar with Leprechaun Traps, you must go to THIS POST first for everything you need to know about How to Catch a Leprechaun.

Then you can pop back over here for some great inspirations to fuel your Happy Home’s Leprechaun Trap Making Creativity!

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I love this happy little trap from Inchmark with the path of gold coins leading to the front door.

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Here is another easy idea using a green basket decorated with some tempting shamrocks.

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One of the best bait ideas for a Leprechaun Trap is Lucky Charms cereal.

The Fickle Pickle set this up with a large laundry basket, a cereal trail and a plate piled high with rainbow cupcakes and gold coins.

This is what they’re after, people!

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Fresh Picked Whimsy featured this trap idea that had me giggling about the Leprechauns staying at the Inn, but never checking out! :-)

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Lovely, Lovely Things made their trap using a cereal/shoe box and a staircase of Legos!

I wish I could remember where I found this trap image (blame it on the prego brain) – so if it’s yours, PLEASE let me know so I can properly credit!

But I love that the creator so kindly left the leprechaun a toilet, since he will probably be stuck for a long time.

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This trap from Three Monkeys and a Photographer is so clever!

Start with a decorated tissue box and cut a large opening at the top.  Cover the opening with loose feathers so that when the leprechaun climbs up the rainbow pipe cleaner ladder, he will fall into the box!

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See those little shamrocks on top of this trap from Diary of a First Grade Teacher?

They are covering up a hole!  Sneaky, sneaky!

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And, finally, this trap from Family Crafts has it all.

Love all that bling!

Are you making a trap?

You’re always welcome to share pictures of your creations on my Facebook page – that would seriously make me happier than if there was a leprechaun in my trap.

Happy Leprechaun Trap-ing! :-)