A Fun Story to Tell for Halloween!

a fun story to tell for Halloween - this is ADORABLE and my kids will love it!!!I apologize that I haven’t been around much!

Now that the Happy Baby is walking – yup, walking (praise the Lord!) – I am finding it difficult to find time to spend with my sweet readers here at Happy Home Fairy.  He loves to go outside, so that is where we have been.  Gone are the days where I would pump and blog and make silly faces at him while he smiled contentedly at me from his bouncy seat – lol. :-)

I decided to do a video for you today!  I even put my unwashed hair in a bun and wore my workout clothes for you!

Real glamorous stuff over here, people. ;-)

I found a super awesome story that is perfect for the pumpkin-filled season we are in right now.

It would be such a fun thing to share with your Happy Home one night after dinner this week.

You can find the whole story written out with detailed pictures HERE, but I learn better by watching, so here I am telling the story to a sweet group of little friends.  If you are a visual person, too, then I hope this silly video helps!

Watch closely – the Happy Baby is with me and tries to steal the scissors out of my lap.

Mom of the Year points right there.

Enjoy the story!

Happy Pumpkin Story-ing! :-)

A Fall Checklist – FREE Printable!

October is my favorite month.

South Florida living is not very conducive to enjoying a genuine autumn experience (it’s September and still 90 degrees out.  And humid – blech!), so I have to be super intentional about creating fall in our Happy Home.

A few years ago I made a little checklist to help keep our family on track.

You’ll find all of your favorite fall activities on this list (I think mine would have to be going to the pumpkin patch – hopefully this year’s trek will prove to be more successful than last year’s).

I hope you will print one off for your own Happy Home to check off together.

Click Image for Printable!

Some of the great ideas you’ll find on your FREE Printable Fall Checklist are…

Don’t you just feel fall-ish after reading that? :-)

**Get your FREE Printable Fall Checklist HERE.**

I’d love to hear how your Happy Home enjoys this beautiful season!

Happy Fall Checklist-ing! :-)

*You will find all of my other great ideas and printables for Fall HERE.*

The Perfect Pumpkin Party

Last night was so much fun!  The Happy Hubby and I had some of our friends over for a Pumpkin Party!  This is the perfect time of year to celebrate God’s beautiful and delicious orange creations!

Here are some pictures from our event…  I hope they inspire you to have a Pumpkin Party with your family!

We ate these ADORABLE Corny Sloppy Joe Pizzas!  I found the recipe here!

Cutting Pumpkin Faces out of cheese was such a thrill!  I was also super excited because I gave Noah all the little leftover cut out pieces of cheese – it was his first time eating cheese – and he LOVED them!

The recipe I used was awesome, but I was thinking that these Pumpkin Face slices of cheese would work so great over a hamburger, too!  Just don’t forget the green pepper Pumpkin “Stem”!  I made the Happy Hubby go back to the kitchen to get his because he forgot to pick it up on his way through the food line! :-)

We also ate delicious Velvet Pumpkin Bread.  I baked it in this unbelievably magical pan that my mom gave me for Christmas last year!  If you look closely, the pan carved a whole happy little patch of pumpkins into the baked bread!  LOVE IT!

For dessert we ate these adorable little Pumpkin Spice Cookies!  See the recipe below!  You will think that these are the most delicious and cutest and easiest cookies to make EVER!

Pumpkin Spice Cookies

Ingredients –

  • 1 (18 oz) package carrot cake mix with pudding in the mix.
  • 1 cup canned pumpkin
  • 1/4 cup butter, melted
  • 1 egg
  • 1 can cream cheese icing
  • Candy corn pumpkins

Directions –

  • Mix cake mix, pumpkin, butter, and egg.  Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls onto greased cookie sheets.
  • Bake at 350 degrees for 12-15 minutes or until puffed and set in center.  Cool 2 minutes.  Remove to wire rack and cool 15 minutes.
  • Frost cooled cookies with icing.  Press 1 candy corn pumpkin into center of each cookie.
  • ENJOY!

Here’s what the table looked like…

I set a painted polka-dot pumpkin on top of a cake stand and then marched some little pumpkins down the table on either side.  Then I sprinkled some festive Fall confetti everywhere!  That’s the glitter-magic fun I love!

Pumpkin Party Activities –

Well, we didn’t get around to doing all the activities that I had planned for our Pumpkin Party because by the time everyone was fed and full of pumpkin-y goodness, our dear friends had to get their little one home to bed and I think that our little one was pretty much on Pumpkin Magic Overload (you can tell by his expression in the pic below)!

But we made a date with our friends to get together again this week and finish up the Pumpkin Magic.  I’m always up for a Pumpkin Party Part 2!

We’re going to…

  1. Carve Pumpkins
  2. Try to guess how many pumpkin candy corns are in the jar
  3. Watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
  4. Have a poetry reading of the poem below…


Pumpkin Poem

One day I found 2 pumpkin seeds.

I planted one and pulled the leaves.

It sprouted roots and a big, long vine.

A pumpkin grew – I called it mine.

The pumpkin was quite round and fat.

(I really am quite proud of that.)

But there is something I’ll admit

That has me worried just a bit.

I ate the other seed, you see.

Now will it grow inside of me?

(I’m so relieved that I have found

that pumpkins only grow in the ground!)

I hope that you’ll throw a Pumpkin Party with your Happy Home!

I’d love to hear about it – just leave a comment below!!!

Happy Pumpkin-ing!