Fun with Candy Corn

Who doesn’t love these adorable little yellow, orange, and white candies??

And did you know that National Candy Corn Day is October 30th?  Leave it to the Happy Home Fairy to provide you with all the fun you need to enjoy a special day of celebrating sugary goodness!

Here are some super fun ways to use candy corn…

Candy Corn Games –

  • Candy Corn Drop:  Kneel on a chair and drop candy corn into a jar.  See how many you can get in!  For older kids, try using a 2-liter bottle to make it a bit more challenging!  Hours of entertainment!
  • Candy Corn Relay Race:  Mark off a Start and Finish line with two bowls.  Fill the Start line bowl with candy corn.  Give each player a spoon.  The team that can transfer their candy corn with a spoon to the other bowl WINS!
  • Candy Corn Catch:  Tie a pumpkin treat pail around one person’s waist (preferably an adult like Dad :-)).  Have everyone toss candy corn at that player to try and see how many pieces they can get in the pail!
  • Candy Corn Hunt:  Hide 10 pieces of candy corn in the house and tell your child to find all of them!  Teaches counting while having fun!  :-)

Candy Corn Activities –

  • Candy Corn Sculptures:  Set your kids up at the table with a bowl of candy corn and a can of frosting.  Let them create Candy Corn Sculptures!  Give awards for Most Extraordinary, Tallest, Creative or Most Looks Like Dad!
  • Leave a trail of candy corn from your child’s bedroom door to the kitchen table on the morning of the 30th.  Have a plate of pancakes waiting for them that are decorated with candy corn!  Surprise!
  • Have a Candy Corn Guess with your family!  Fill up a jar and have everyone take turns guessing how many are in the jar.  Include neighbors and friends!  Or if you are Skyping with Grandma, let her in on the fun, too!  Then call the winner on the 30th!
  • Bake a candy corn treat together!  Package it up and take it to someone!  Here are links to my favorite candy corn treats…

Candy Corn Bark at The Recipe Girl!

Candy Corn Pudding Parfaits from Hershey’s!

Candy Corn Pudding Cups

Candy Corn Pizza from Cookie Madness!

So easy Candy Corn Sandwich from I-Mockery Blabber!

Candy Corn Rice Krispie Treats from Baked Perfection!

And finally, here is the sweetest little printable of a Christian Candy Corn Poem you can attach to a bag of candy corn treats and give to a neighbor.  Enjoy!

Happy Candy Corn-ing! :-)

P.S. If you have some extra candy corn and want to do something for the Happy Hubby, use the candy to spell out “I Love You” on his dresser or pillow.  Or package up some of the Candy Corn Bark from above and include a note that says, “Thanks for being my Sweetie.”

Love it!