Tub Time Lifesaver

When I saw this idea on Pinterest, I thought it was pure BRILLIANCE.

We tried it out tonight and it worked great!

laundry basket in the tub! genius!Help your baby transition from a baby tub to the big tub by putting them in a laundry basket.

This is awesome for so many different reasons.

For starters, it keeps your little tyke from smashing his noggin’ on the side of a hard tub.

It prevents slipping.

The sides of the basket are easier for baby to grip than the sides of a tub.

It keeps your baby in one place.

laundry basket in the tub!And, most important, it keeps the toys close at hand!

Once again, Pinterest, you have made me feel better about the 2 hours I spent pinning things the other night in order to find this fabulous idea.

Time well spent, indeed. :-)

P.S. Β I may or may not have used a touch-up tool on PicMonkey so that the actual condition of my bathroom grout was not revealed. Β Ha!

Happy Laundry Basket in the Tub-ing!


13 thoughts on “Tub Time Lifesaver

  1. I did this when my 9 yr old was a little guy – before Pinterest! I forgot where I saw it from . It worked great!

  2. After the bath, when all the toys are in it, the basket acts as a strainer when you rinse off the toys! Shake them off and let the basket tilt in the tub until dry. It makes me wish my 12 yr. old was a toddler again!

  3. I did this for my girls (who are now 33 & 30) . It was in a parent magazine, long before the internet. I was so helpful for everyone.

  4. Have you noticed any irritation from the bubbles? My daughter would get problems from bubbles so I am hesitant to use them with my son, but he loves them!

    • Anna, that was actually the very first time we used bubbles with the Happy Baby! :-) He seemed okay! I used to get irritated by them when I was younger and had to stop taking bubble baths like your daughter. I guess every child is different…?? Have fun!

  5. When my firstborn got too big/slippery to hold as we showered, I put her baby bathtub in the back of the bathtub/shower. It would fill slowly as I showered. She had water to play in and I could bathe her easily!

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