Easy Teacher Appreciation Idea – FREE Printable!

teacher appreciation idea at happyhomefairy.comThe Happy Buddy sure does love him some Dunkin’ Donut Munchkins!

I mean, who doesn’t?!

So I figured Munchkins would be a great little snack to put in the teacher’s lounge at the Happy Buddy’s preschool – in honor of all their hard work.

This idea is so easy – you just need to print the FREE Printable tag (see bottom of post) and then pick up a box of Munchkins.

Bam.  You’re all set.

The teachers will love you.

teacher munchkins5I printed this tag on thick paper so that I could fold it like a tent and stand it up next to the donuts.teacher munchkinsteacher munchkins4

teacher munchkins2

I brought these to the school workroom today and later as I headed back through the hall, I overheard a teacher say (after dropping her students off at the library), “I NEED A MUNCHKIN!”

Apparently they are excellent little stress-relievers. :-)

Get your FREE Printable Teacher Appreciation Munchkin Tag HERE.

Happy Munchkin Teacher Appreciate-ing!

8 thoughts on “Easy Teacher Appreciation Idea – FREE Printable!

  1. I’m a teacher and this week we are showing our appreciation to our secretaries and office staff for all they do. This is a great idea because they do so much to help the kiddos too!

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