The Car Bin

car binI am no organizing genius.

My idea of Spring Cleaning is 1. Take item. 2. Open a door. 3. Throw item in room. 4. Close door.

Repeat with drawers and cabinets.

Just the other day the Happy Hubby went to get some Advil from the medicine cabinet and 3 pillows fell out on his head.

But I do enjoy a tidy car – an almost impossible feat, however, with 2 small children.

So I thought I’d share an idea with you today that I’ve found works pretty well to tame the car clutter.

car bin6car bin5Simply go to Target, purchase a small, cute bin, fill with toys and books, and then stick in between carseats.

car bin2The Happy Buddy can just reach into the bin for something if he gets antsy on long trips (our drive to his preschool is about 30 minutes).

I love that having some books in the bin encourages my handsome little man to read – using his time wisely at such a young age! :-)

I also stick a few pairs of kid sunglasses in there in case it’s too bright and someone is freeeeeeeaking out about it.

car bin3car bin4If the Happy Baby gets fussy, I simply ask his big brother to grab a toy and toss it over into his little brother’s lap.

car bin7car bin8At the end of car trips, we always make sure the items are thrown back in the bin so that nothing ends up on the floor.


Sad to say, though, that while this handy little bin is great for catching all the toy and book car clutter…

car bin9It does nothing about the crumb situation.

Happy Car Bin-ing! :-)

5 thoughts on “The Car Bin

  1. I do the same thing. I change it out every couple of months to keep them from getting bored with same items. My girls, 5&3, love it.

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