A Baptism

Our little boy has had quite the last couple of weeks!

He turned 1, we celebrated with family and friends at a party, and then today, the Happy Baby was baptized.

Most people who observe infant baptism make sure that they do it when their baby is…well, a baby.

The Happy Baby’s life has been such a journey… and to be honest, I didn’t want to have him baptized until we all felt more of a peace about his well being.

I had a vision that his baptism – his welcoming into the covenant family and body of Christ – would be feeding tube and illness free.

I also had a vision that the pastor would hold the Happy Baby up like Simba in The Lion King and they would play The Circle of Life through the sound system and it would be the most glorious moment ever. :-)

The latter did not happen (as some thought it might be a bit irreverent :-)), but the first vision did.

And there was not a dry eye in the place.

baptism1The Happy Hubby spoke for a few minutes – giving a brief overview of the Happy Baby’s life.baptism2

While he was sharing, the Happy Baby started to get squirmy and decided that he no longer needed his socks.

Everyone started laughing and the Happy Hubby got distracted and forgot all the carefully planned out things he was going to say.


Then the second sock came off {more laughter} and he decided to give up and just pass the mic to me.baptism4baptism5

One of the beautiful aspects of infant baptism is that the Church promises to assist us in the job of raising our children in the faith, so I had a quick minute to offer our gratitude to the Church for the ways in which they have already done that – carrying us through one of our most trying seasons as a Happy Home.

But then the Happy Buddy started to pull my skirt up and I flubbed the rest of my little speech in an effort to keep everyone from seeing my undergarments.baptism6

Our pastors took over at that point and I began praying that the Happy Baby wouldn’t get upset when we handed him over for the baptizing.

Ever since he turned one, my content, easy-going Happy Baby has suddenly decided that no one but the Happy Hubby, my mom, or myself are allowed to hold him.baptism7baptism8baptism9baptism10baptism11Ah, well. :-)


Today’s ceremony once again reminded me of the incredible calling that the Happy Hubby and I have as Christian parents.

May we raise our Happy Buddies so that they never know a day where they have not experienced Christ’s love.

baptism13Now, you might be thinking, we have done a lot of celebrating the Happy Baby lately – how is the Happy Buddy handling all that attention going to his baby bro?

Well, a precious little someone didn’t want to leave the stage after it was all over.

baptism14I think he was hoping to do a drum solo.

Maybe next Sunday. :-)

Happy Baptize-ing!

14 thoughts on “A Baptism

  1. Our God is indeed awesome , and has taken both of you to be God-led Christian parents!! It is so wonderful to signer this after knowing you both at W.A. some years ago.
    May He continue to bless both boys as they grow!!!

  2. Awww, I’m so sad i missed it!! I worked last night & didn’t make it today….what a day to miss! :( looks like it was a beautiful dedication! Love to u all! Xo

  3. Oh man! I read this and thought “Wait a second! I saw a baptism this morning and it wasn’t the Happy Baby (although it actually was a happy baby in a beautiful gown made out of her grandmas wedding dress!).!” I guess I walked in to the wrong theatre!!?? Or you did it before the 9:00?! Well darn I missed it :(. I’m so happy for you guys. For what it’s worth “I do” too (agree to help) – since I wasn’t there to answer :). Love you guys!

  4. So sad I missed it!!! The pictures are precious!! Thanking God for his hand of healing on Jet.. Woot Woot! Love you and your amazing family:)

  5. I am overjoyed to see your happy baby so strong and thriving! What a beautiful family you have. Thank you for your inspiration as you share your faith, fears, fun, and family! I pray from afar, in Orlando. Can I be adopted as a long distance Grammy! :)

  6. So precious and so glad Jet is doing so well. God bless all of you you mightily. The boys are so blessed to have you and Ryan as parents, and yours and Ryan’s parents as grandparents.

  7. It was a beautiful ceremony was so glad someone came and got me!! What a truly great testimony. You were right, not a dry eye in the house!!

    • So sorry we missed it too! We did see another beautiful baby baptized though. Thanks for sharing the story and pictures with us. It was the next best thing to actually being there. Our family is also promising to help in raising your precious happy baby….any way we can. Blessings to you all. We love you dearly!!!!!!

  8. Thrilled about all your “happy’s”! May the God of all hope continue to pour grace onto your lives. Xxxooo

  9. Congratulations! We recently switched to a church that uses Covenant Theology (and covenant infant baptism), and we love it. Our little ones were baptized last week! Congrats to your family!

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