The Make a Wish RAK

make a wish RAK 4

The Happy Buddy came down with Strep Throat this weekend.

Phew, our Happy Home has been in crisis mode trying to keep germs from spreading – particularly to the Happy Baby.

But keeping the Happy Buddy away from his brother is like trying to keep a panda bear away from bamboo leaves.

After 4 days on house arrest, we were going bonkers. Β We had to get out and do something.

We decided a Random Act of KindnessΒ (RAK) was in order.

make a wish RAK 5So we gathered up some chalk and a bag of pennies and headed to the nearest shopping plaza that had an outdoor water fountain.

You can’t see it very well in the photos because it was so bright outside, but we wrote “Make a Wish” on the ledge next to the fountain and then placed a sprinkling of pennies all around.

make a wish RAK 7We hope the next people who walked by were delighted by a chance to throw a penny in the water and make a wish!

make a wish RAK 6The Happy Buddy sure had fun throwing his wishes in.

I would imagine he is wishing that Amoxicillin could taste like chocolate cupcakes.

Happy Make a Wish RAK-ing! :-)

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